E3 2017: What tickled my pickle

I’m gonna start off with 2 important statements:

  • I only game on PC.

I don’t own a PlayStation, Xbox or any other type of gaming console. Although I wouldn’t mind getting a PS4 in the near future for various reasons (The Last of Us and Red Dead Redemption – I’m looking at you), for now, all my gaming is done on PC. Which is why this list will not include anything that’s console exclusive and it’s also why I don’t give a crap about the new Xbox.

  • I’m not a huge fan of AAA games.

When it comes to video games, I like mine more on the indie side. While I’m not saying I have something against big companies, I always get the feeling that smaller studios put more passion and care in their work. Maybe they’re not that good looking and maybe they don’t have that many fancy presentations and that much money shoved in marketing and PR, but they sure are more appealing to me that the big names.

Why did I mention this? Because I could have been more excited about E3 if things were different.

With this out of the way, here we go.


1 Life is Strange: Before the Storm

A 3 episode prequel to the several awards winning Life is Strange, developed by DONTNOD Entertainment. It appears that, fortunately, this game ditches nosy and irrelevant Max for her annoying bestie, the somewhat annoying Chloe. No matter how nerve wrecking both of them have been at times in the original game, they can make quite the character and Before the Storm tells just that – the story of Chloe and Rachel, before her disappearance and before chaos hit. Really excited for this one.

Also, you can get the first episode of Life is Strange for free on Steam if you want a taste before spending your money. But let me tell you, it’s worth it.

A Way Out

Guys, if you didn’t play Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, you’re seriously missing out. If you want something beautiful, story rich, that will leave you in tears and will shatter your heart, just go for it.

A Way Out is brought to us by the creators of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and, as it appears, it has the same twist: it’s a story driven game playable in co-op. Split screen – one player on the left, one on the right and there’s not much you can do without the other. However, if this is even remotely as good as ToTS, I’m going to be a very happy person. Also, for the plot: you escape a prison.

3 Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

It’s a shame not many people talk about this game because it sounds so. fucking. nice. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find lots of details about it, except for a (very nice looking) 2015 trailer which really put me in the mood. According to developer Dim Bulb Games:

“Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is a narrative game, uniquely structured as an anthology of short stories. Rather than relying on a single central narrative, each story contributes a piece to the game’s theme […] Every character has a unique background, personality, and tale to share with the player that pulls from their writer’s own individual style.”

16 characters – 16 writers. Color me fucking interested.

4 A Plague Tale: Innocence

It’s exactly what it sounds to be: the Middle Age. In France. With 2 stranded children and  A FUCKING SHIT TON OF RATS. But, wait, there’s more! The Middle Ages were not all rats and spice and everything nice. There’s the inquisition – they’re your second enemy in this quest of finding your mother. Nevertheless, just take a look at what’s gonna be called here, from now on, The Game with the Rats. Enjoy your nightmares.

5 Vampyr

We’re going from plague-ridden France to a Spanish fever-infected London at the beginning of 1900s. You’re a doctor, but also a vampire. Eh, pretty tricky. ’cause you need to cure your people, but it’s also in your nature to kill ’em for you are an unholy monster. From what it looks like, it’s very much a matter of choice because you can kill everyone.  Also developed by DONTNOD Entertainment, so I’m pretty hyped for it.

Also worthy of mentioning:

Middle Earth – Shadow of War

While I did enjoy Shadow of Mordor a lot, I can’t say it’s gotten on my list of favourite games. I wouldn’t mind playing Show of War either, but I probably won’t buy it full price and, if I had to choose between this and any of the games previously mentioned, I would’t pick it first.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Come on. It’s a South Park game. There’s really no other reason for me to pick this.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Over the years, I’ve grown quite bored with AC games. It’s basically the same thing over and over again, different names and different locations. I stopped at Black Flag. As for Origins, I heard they dropped the tower thingie, which was one of my favourite features in the game so, meh. It looks good, tho’ and, given the opportunity, I wouldn’t say no to playing it. But it’s not a priority.

The Last Night

Although it looks very good and, the story behind it did not intrigue me that much.  It’s also tagged as a platformer and the only tag that puts me off more than platformer is FPS. However, I wouldn’t mind giving it a try. I don’t want to pass anything I might regret missing later.


Action RPG about “forging relationships”. Whatever twist they’re trying to implement, it’s still an action RPG. IT’s kinda pretty, tho’.

Drop off a comment and let me know what games tickled your pickle

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  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    I loved Brothers so that prison game has piqued my interest.

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