My Winter 2017 stats AKA I’m just garbage

Hey, guys. Remember my Winter 2017 want to watch list? Yeah, lol, me neither.

I just came to the sudden realization that it’s fucking summer and I did not manage to do abso-fucking-loutely nothing out of all the things I said I would do.

So, just to deepen the shame even more, I’m gonna go for a round-up of what I planned to watch the past winter season. And, what do you think? I actually managed to complete some titles. Keeping the same order:

Chaos;Child – Didn’t even bother checking it out. I heard some nasty shit about it being a shitty sequel to a not-so-good original in the first place so I decided it’s not worth my time. We all make mistakes.

Fuuka – This was shit. Dropped at 5 episodes in and now, looking back, I’m not sure how I managed to get this far. I guess the title is just a new way of spelling cliché. Everything in this show is annoying and overused. The band thing was pathetic.

Gabriel Dropout – Actually finished this one. I was expecting something along the lines


of Umaru-chan, but it wasn’t that close it. Notsure if that’s a good thing or not, but the show did not strike me either as impressive or a must watch. Relaxing comedy. Again, annoying at times. I would’ve liked to see more of Gabriel, however. It seems like the main character was either Satania or Vignette and none of them was that high to my liking. Would rate it a 3/5.

Little Witch Academia TV – Did not watch. Not because I didn’t like the idea, but because I never found myself in the mood for it. Yeah, sure, the sort of magical things that would even make a good TV series is kinda nice, but you have to be in the mood for it at all times. Otherwise, it’s just boring. And I didn’t want to ruin my experience by forcefully watching it. It’s still on my want to watch list. (and I think it’s gonna stay there for a while)

Masamune-kun’s Revenge – Another fucking bullshit of a show. Dropped at episode 5. What initially sounded like a promising plot turned out to be the same old anime high school story with the same old characters and same old wannabe development. I’ve grown tired of this shit a long time ago.

Scum’s Wish – The other finished one and a pretty good series, actually. It takes on a420ba359f1c3ffae4b8f72d573d6ce700cf9a74f_hq more realistic approach to high school students and it was not afraid to tackle more serious subjects such as sex in your teenage years. The only issue I have with it, and it’s a major one, is the fact that it tries to hard. This is not the post I go in-depth with this, but maybe I’ll give it another watch and get back here with details about what I’m talking about. (and all of us know that I won’t do that, so who am I fooling?)

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu 2 – Shame. I’m still only 4 episodes in and this was my most hyped show for the season. It’s good, yes. Maybe it lacks that certain charm of the first season, but it’s still good nonetheless. Not going to talk about it more, I can’t give my final word as of right now. But I will definitely enjoy it. Even if it’s just because I was absolutely in love with its first season.

In additional to the original titles on my list, I also picked up Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. Still watching it, of course, but hey, it’s a nice, relaxing show. The popular opinion might have been right this time.



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