Gaming Challenge Day 1 – Very First Video Game

So, the 30 Days Anime Challenge is a pretty popular topic around the anime sphere of blogging. However, I have recently discovered the 30 Days Video Game Challenge as well and, hell. What better way to get me pumped again for blogging? Especially since I was planning on writing more about games anyway? So here goes nothing, buddies.


Very first video game


I’m pretty sure most ’90s kids will have the same pick. And it’s Super Mario Bros. Nothing special here. It’s just the classic game everyone and their mamma played. The more interesting part comes from the fact that I did not own a Nintendo. No, sir. Back then, there was this thing, popular in Easter Europe, called Terminator 2. We all played on that shit.

It was really cheap and you would only get a few games, such as Super Mario Bros, Adventure Island and Duck Hunt. And a few irrelevant others, obviously, but this is what I would spend most of my time playing. Hell, we wouldn’t even know what a console is. We were such peasants we would call it a TV game.


I also remember the disappointment whenever the princess was not in that fucking castle. Needless to say, it was the only Mario I have ever played. I was so fed up with Mario that, as soon as I got a PC, I started looking for what I would call “real” games.

And let’s not forget about the times when, as the younger sibling, I was forced to play as Luigi whenever my sister felt like playing as well. Lucky for me, she turned out to be more interested in fangirling over Nick Carter back then.


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3 Responses to Gaming Challenge Day 1 – Very First Video Game

  1. It’s always a tough one to answer this. The difference between first game, first proper game, first game you were actually able to play. Mario will come up for a lot of people I bet. I think the first I played was Galaxian on my dad’s BBC Micro, but I couldn’t swear to it.

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  2. Playing on a Terminator 2 sounds cooler than playing on an NES. I never know a console existed named after one of my fave action movies.

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