Gaming Challenge Day 2 – Your favourite character

Ahahah, I already hate this so much. I’ve been literally sitting here staring at the screen, making mental lists of games I’ve played and trying to pick the character I’ve loved the most.

But this ain’t no easy task. Especially for me and my bad habit of getting attached if I play something for too long.

So maybe I could go for Ezio Auditore da Fireze, the only Italian guy I actually ever liked and the reason for which I have played Assassin’s Creed for more than it deserved. But nope. Fuck that (literally and mostly the older version). Too Italian and a bit too blind to follow orders. I get it, it was your creed and all that, but I’m still not overall pleased with his overall life performance.

Or maybe I could be try and pick The Narrator from The Stanley Parable just because I fell in love with annoying him and getting burn after burn after burn and, I swear to god, that never felt so good. I love myself a good sense of humour in a man.

But then, again, maybe not. What he got in humour, he may lack in other departments that I will never find out because there’s nothing too revealing and the main focus on his characters was also the only one.

No, sir. I realized that my favourite character had to be smart. And funny. And brave, yes, brave. And loyal and determined. He must have a very strong will and must be powerful enough to always get what he wants. And let’s not forget about the looks, because looks are very important. He must be a sexy motherfucker. And then it hit me.

Okay, fine. Maybe he’s not my favourite character because I don’t really have one. Every game has its nice characters and, actually, the more flawed, the better. However, my special talents include finding something annoying in everything and everyone and I still have yet to find that one character that I would fall madly in love with.

Nonetheless, I hereby present to you, Manuel Calavera.

Grim Fandango


Bahaha, I love this guy. I knew I liked him since the very beginning, but my appreciation grew to unbelievable heights when he did the thing with the café after picking up the broom. (This is me trying to avoid spoilers).

And only then have I realized his true potential as a businessman and I’ve never been so impressed. Much respect. Very admirable. Such Manny.

Hey, Trump. Let me see you build a wall against THIS Mexican.

Totally unrelated, but just so you can catch a glimpse into my sad sad life, devoid of all pleasure and fulfillment: I am currently so tired that I’ve been thinking about Manny Calavera since I started writing this post, but forgot the name of the game so I had to search through Steam to remember it, but halfway I started reading titles without thinking and only then I realized I can actually google him and now I’m writing this.

PS: I didn’t proofread this either.

PPS: Please send me to sleep.



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2 Responses to Gaming Challenge Day 2 – Your favourite character

  1. Karandi says:

    I love the narrator in the Stanley Parable. I laughed so often at some of what he said and he was just fun to listen to.

    Liked by 1 person

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