Gaming challenge day 3 – A game that is underrated

I don’t know exactly whether they refer to underrated as having low ratings or underrated as in not popular. But I’ll go with the second one here, ’cause this game has pretty nice reviews.

Damn, this challenge should be more specific.

Anyways, this was not a hard pick. I’m a huge fan of indie games and I think most of them deserve more recognition and more publicity. However, there’s the one that stays above them all. (I won’t judge you if you don’t take my word for it, but I highly advise that you do)


developer: Oldblood


A point and click psychological horror. How many times did we hear this before, only to be let down once again, disappointed by how not horror or, in some sad cases, not even interesting the game actually is.


If you read the brief description on Steam, you’ll only know that you play as a boy who suffers from hallucinations and finds out that he will become a violent psychopathic  killer and that it’s up to you to whether follow the bad path or to struggle and change your fate. Pretty interesting, right?

Well, if you’re a bit curious, you can easily find out that the game was inspired by American serial killer Albert Fish and suddenly you no longer wish for a game to be so close to reality.

Masochisia is short. It only takes about 2 and a half hours from start to finish. But man, 984109are you in for a ride. I often find that short stories make great games and Masochisia is living proof. One plot line and the story develops accordingly. Will you manage to change your fate or will you end up a nightmare? Who am I if I don’t spoil things? You can’t change fate. This is the point of the game. Fate is fate. And the harder you try, the worse it burns you. You’ll see. Just play the fucking game, okay?

You have an abusive old father, a fucking weird ass schizophrenic mother and a masochistic bro. You also live deep in the woods. Pretty happy fucking family, ain’t it? You bet your ass it is.

The game is also very nice in terms of visuals. Beautiful art work that totally helps with the mood. Same goes for the soundtrack, but I’m no expert in music or art. Or anything else, if that matters, thank you.

And of course, it’s not all wine and spice and everything nice if I’m gonna take a truthful approach. You might find the game to be a little slow and annoying at times. You’ll spend 09.30.15-3most of the times clicking a static background so that you can navigate. The jump scares become pretty repetitive at some point, although they worked in my case. The fact that they’re not that many is, again, a plus. I also spent over one hour on my first playthrough, stuck between chapters, because I couldn’t find what I needed. Turned out to be a bug and that I had to restart the chapter. The fact that I enjoyed this game so much and went for a second gaming session despite this proves that it’s an actually well made one.

But, you see, it’s the little things that count. As such, I highly recommend that, if you start playing the game, you take a little break between chapters to check what’s going on with your life, see if you find anything odd invading your privacy. You might find some goodies.

All in all, I think this game deserves way more attention than what it has right now. Even if it doesn’t become your favourite game (and I’m totally judging if it does, you sick fuck), it will certainly be one of those games stuck in your head forever. Or at least for a prolonged period of time.

And because I’m always interested in nice games that are not so popular, please do let me know what your pick would be for this topic. Either way, I’ll just use this opportunity to ask for recommendations of indie games. Throw them at me.


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