Gaming challenge day 5: Game character you are most like (or wish you were)

Okay, fuckers. Let’s get one thing straight: a character you are most similar to and a character you wish you were similar to are two completely different things and you can’t just pair them up like so.  What the fuck is wrong with you and your thinking process?

Anyway, a game character I’m most similar to. Am I the only one that had issues with this question? Judging this from a realistic point of view, I would have to go through a long list of secondary characters to see which one was the most unhelpful.

But then I remembered. There’s a main character that doesn’t do any special shit. And she’s also a pretty unlikable one of you play her well. And that is

Alex from Oxenfree


I absolutely loved the game and I think it’s one of the most enjoyable things I’ve played lately. Because it’s a choice and consequence game, you somehow get to choose how you want Alex to be (and you even get achievements based on this) while also influencing the ending. I got a good one, probably the best ending, but that doesn’t mean Alex is worth much, in my opinion. She’s like the average of average, doesn’t have any special skill and is also mildly annoying – just like me.

(I swear to god, Rayz, if you’re here to comment on how annoying I am, I’m gonna fly up there and kick your ass)

Basically, she doesn’t want to do much, is pretty salty and throws shade at people, but she’s trying her best when the situation gets serious and takes responsibility when needed.

Still not that impressive.

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2 Responses to Gaming challenge day 5: Game character you are most like (or wish you were)

  1. Funnily enough this is the character I mentioned when another blogger I follow did this.
    I found Alex to be very believable as a person rather than as a game protagonist.

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