Gaming challenge day 6 – Most annoying character

Almost every game has an annoying character, that’s for sure. And some are purposefully put there to be annoying. But, instead of going for an endless hunt for secondary characters (yet again), I have managed to find the most annoying main character that I have ever played.

Désiré from Désiré


This character is so annoying that he makes the entire game an annoyance. I’m not sure if that was intended or not, but man, this game sucks ass.

Described as

“A poetic point-and-click adventure game in black and white. […]The game is, at its core, a critique of the modern world and of the perverting nature of a consumer, profit-obsessed society.”

This is just shit. It’s a wannabe deep look on the issues of the modern society, a criticism for superficiality and the human nature, feelings and religion.

Instead, it’s just bullshit thrown over a bowl of dicks. There’s nothing deep about this game. It just makes you sit through endless pretentious dialogue about politics, deviant sexuality, self loathing and what they think would be a journey for self discovery but it’s just uninteresting boredom.

Désiré is color-blind since childhood – this is the core of the game. He is constantly looking for things that would make him see colors. And they’re trying to include here love and self accomplishment and straining himself in a god-forgotten land, religion and other bullshit such as being kind to those around you.

But they’re trying so hard the game just becomes painfully boring and cliché, with absolutely nothing to actually catch your attention.

And Désiré – Désiré is just the most obnoxious main character I’ve played so far. He’s stupid and mean and a cry baby. He only thinks of himself and has no real feelings (no matter how hard the producers want to point out otherwise, it just doesn’t work). There is literally nothing pleasant about him, nothing that makes you feel for him. You can’t empathize with him, you can just hate him more and more with each chapter: from annoying kid to annoying young man and annoying adult. He doesn’t stand for himself and, when he does, it’s a disgrace.

Just play the game for yourself so you can see what I mean. But don’t tell me I didn’t warn you: it’s not worth the €5 price tag.


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