Gaming challenge day 7 – Favorite game couple

Yo, guys. I think we have an issue.

I…I never paid attention to couples in video games. Unless it plays an extremely important role such as, let’s say, it’s my goal to make that relationship happen, I don’t really care about it.  ._____.


I have never cared about Mario and Princess Peach until now, when I’m melting my brains to try and find an answer to today’s challenge. I was always more concerned with getting Bowser off of that fucking bridge.

Thinking about the couples that crossed my mind at first, ’cause they were the only ones who might’ve caught my attention at some point, they’re really not bright enough as to say they’re OMG OTP.

Ezio and Sofia (Assassin’s Creed) were so unimportant that I don’t even know why I’m thinking about them.

Zoe and Reza (Dreamfall) were an awful couple and I probably remembered them for THAT fight.

Rufus and Goal (Deponia) were less of a couple and more of a joke.

That’s it. That’s my boring answer. I don’t have a favourite game couple. I don’t care about romance if there are more heroic things I have to do.

If this challenge doesn’t want romantic couples, that’s a different story and it might have just gave me an idea for a future blog post.. But let’s focus on this for a moment here: romance in video games can be easily overlooked.

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