Probably one of the best idea I’ve had as of late


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Alright, so. You know how I’ve said I started streaming on Twitch a while back, rite?

Well, turns out I really enjoy streaming video games. But I also enjoy watching anime. And talking about anime. And making fun of anime. So, I thought, why not just try to combine streaming and anime? The result? Anime Friday on Twitch.

What does this mean?

Every Friday, the participants submit an anime series (or several, should they feel like it). We pick the winner at random and it will be our series for the week. The following Friday, we meet on Twitch to discuss our impressions like true weebs. Because I know how important it is for people on the internet to express themselves. I am people on the internet.


This is extremely simple:

  • The anime shouldn’t be longer than 20 eps. 12 eps series would be perfect. Some of us have to go to work or school and we’d rather keep it a bit lighter.
  • You don’t have to finish watching the series if you don’t like it. However, you’re more than welcome to share with us the reason for which you dropped it.

I will keep a log of the chat and the most interesting/funny/witty comments will be featured on Wanimu when the streaming session is over.


My Twitch channel can be found here:

There is also a discord server with a dedicated anime room:

If you want to join the discord server, feel free to message me so I can add you to the anime group as well. ^^

We’re all nerds in there so, even if you don’t wanna be part of the Anime Friday event, but you want some geek strangers on the internet to talk to about games or anime, feel free to pass by. Also, if you have any question, drop it here or anywhere else on my social media. ^^







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2 Responses to Probably one of the best idea I’ve had as of late

  1. Rocco B says:

    I’m feeling rebellious, so on twitch there’ll be plenty of back seat gaming and what ever tro-witty comments branded about. Just joking.

    In short and truth…..not really sure Ruki. If anything probably not….

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