The Salty Anime Challenge day 2 – A popular and/or hyped anime that you didn’t care for

Aaah, the always right taste of the masses. I think I sometimes actively avoid certain series just because they’re way too hyped. I’m a small hipster, what can I say?

There’s Naruto that I’ve never cared for. There’s Bleach. But, most notable, there’s Sword Art Online.


For whatever reason, the “normal people stuck in a MMORPG” concept has never appealed to me. MMORPGs in general didn’t appeal to me, but it’s worse in anime. Maybe that’s the reason. Maybe I see it as an enhanced, more annoying type of MMORPG boredom that’s exaggerated.

I wish there was more I could say about this series. You know, maybe it’s great. I mean, whenever I end up watching something that’s highly praised, I end up with an “aaaaah, that’s what everyone was talking about” feeling. Because yeah, they wouldn’t be so popular if they weren’t at least somehow good.

But I don’t care about this series. I have it on my want to watch list, but I’m 97.8% sure I’ll never actually watch it. It’s just something that doesn’t ring any bell for me. It doesn’t float my boat. It does’t tickle my pickle.

There’s nothing I can curse at in today’s challenge. Because I don’t know the series. But I sure as hell know I’m not going to watch it anytime soon and if I hear one more person in the office going “OMG SAO IS JUST SO GREAT I MEAN OH JEE YOU DIDN’T WATCH IT WHAT ARE YOU”, I’m gonna slap a hoe.

What’s the one super popular anime series that you don’t give a crap about?

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14 Responses to The Salty Anime Challenge day 2 – A popular and/or hyped anime that you didn’t care for

  1. mirrorpurple says:

    is this for real?


  2. Artemis says:

    Clannad. Both seasons. And I tried, I really did, but that show just wasn’t for me no matter how many people raved (and still rave) about it.

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    • Ruki says:

      I was thinking Clannad as well and it would’ve been more convenient because I would’ve actually had something more to say rather than ‘I don’t wanna watch this because it doesn’t call to me in any way”.. But I felt it’s much more fitting for a different day in the challenge, so I’m keeping it for later.


  3. KingDylbag13 says:

    You didn’t like Bleach or Naruto??? What? I dont like Sao either but what?


    • Ruki says:

      Uhm….yeap. I mean, I would’ve probably enjoyed Bleach if I actually watched it back when I was a kid obsessed with shounen. But I can no longer stand through 300+ episodes of demon fights and the power of friendship. But Naruto, nope.


  4. Zainou says:

    Yeah, this would be my answer too. I somehow managed to watch both seasons but gave both a 0.5/10. The fact that the first episode starts with like 15 minutes of straight of people standing around talking really threw a wrench in my enjoyment right away. You’re not missing much by not having seen it.

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    • Ruki says:

      Well, that’s good to know. But still, how did you manage to sit through 2 seasons of smth you would rate 0.5/5? Respekt, lol.

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      • Zainou says:

        Mostly because even though I got no enjoyment out of the series, I loved to shit on it afterward. If I had watched it now I would have dropped it immediately, but back then I didn’t drop stuff much.


        • Ruki says:

          Omg, I know what you’re saying. It took me a few good years to finally accept that I have to let go and that there’s no shame in actually dropping shit that you don’t find enjoyable. XD

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  6. FuelS says:

    I really enjoyed the first arc of SAO and the third one, but I can understand why people didn’t care for it or refuse to watch it. The show does have a lot of issues.

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