To the Moon game confirmed to get an anime adaptation

to the moon

Freebird’s director Kan Gao sent out the news himself in a Youtube video and, although he wasn’t able to give out too many details, what he told sounds promising as fuck: a collaboration between China and Japan, two major companies involved and a budget higher than Kimi no Na wa.

Please, dear gods of whatever the hell you are, let it be CoMix Wave Inc.

If you’ve played this game, you’re probably as hyped as I am. If you didn’t play it yet, you can get emotionally stabbed for only 8 euro on Steam and then get as hyped as I am.

I discovered To the Moon during my neverending quest of finding great stories and sad games. People were mentioning this everywhere and, despite popular opinion, I do sometimes take into consideration what the masses say. So let’s take a moment to talk about the game, shall we?

You take control of doctors Rosalene and Watts – two people with rather odd jobs: fulfilling last wishes. They do so by entering their patients’ minds and implanting what I guess you could call fake memories so that, by the time they draw their last breath, they will have achieved their lifetime goals. And there’s Johnny – a dying old man whose wish is, of course, to go to the moon.

This, of course, is no easy task for the doctors as they have to reach the very core of the wish, the one point in time that triggered it and the real reason behind it. And so we are thrown into this emotional rollecoaster that Johnny’s life was. Mind you, tears will be shed.

But I somehow feel my vocabulary is too limited for me to able to explain to a full extent what makes this game so great. It’s a remarkably well written story, filled with witty lines, gorgeous characters, smart plot twists and an absolutely impeccable soundtrack that has the power to bring you on the verge of emotional collapse every time you hear it after finishing the game. It’s an amazing piece of art that has, in an instant, managed to get high up on my list of all time favourite games.

To the Moon will touch you in places you never knew existed and it will drain your tears. It will leave you broken, thinking about every decision you’ve taken and every decision you’ll take from now on. It’s a perfect metaphor for what is life? and what does really matter for us? There’s too much emotion to be contained in 16-bit and you will simply become a vessel for feelings.

At this point, you might think that I’m on drugs again and that I’m just menstruating over here. I promise you that’s not the case. You can’t even call it a bias, given that it’s been sooo long since I played this game. But you have to trust me, it’s an absolute masterpiece and you need it.

I will stop praising To the Moon now. I will just continue being excited for the anime adaptation and wish the best of luck to everyone involved in the production. I believe in you!

PS: You can follow @tothemoonanime on Twitter for updates.

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