The Salty Anime Challenge day 4 – The first anime that you hated and/or dropped

Oh, my. Look at all this nostalgia assaulting me. Why can’t I handle all these memories of I don’t give a fuck because I’m in middle school and I don’t find it interesting if it doesn’t have anime fights in it.

I was thinking that maybe I should browse my lists once again because my memory clearly doesn’t help. But there’s no need for it.

You see, back in the days I would watch anything anime. Does it have big eyes and speaks a language I clearly don’t and will never understand? Oh fuck, I’m gonna watch it like there’s no tomorrow. Until one day. One day I was watching Animax, the only channel that would broadcast anime in my country and there was this show. Again. Boring as fuck. So boring, I realized I never actually paid attention to it. Nothing ever happened, the main character was an idiot with no brain, afraid to speak and all that. It also had a horrible add. It was Kamichu!


Maybe I should start feeling bad for adding series I can’t talk much about. But it’s a challenge about anime I think was bad, of course I did myself a favor and either didn’t watch them or I completely erased them from memory. Life’s too short to deal with too much shit.

Kamichu! is that super plain and boring slice of life, mixed with a bit of fantasy. But imagine how poorly it had to be made if it wasn’t of interest for a fifth grader obsessed with anime who also didn’t have much to choose from. For real now.

I don’t remember much except for the fact that the protagonist seemed dumb, was afraid to talk, seemed to be constantly on (the bad kind of) drugs and she had a crush on her classmate. I think the character design and the overall animation put me off in the first place, but the story didn’t do any good either. I was too bored to even consider it a deal with it until it’s time for Inuyasha show. I think I liked to watch the news better. And that says a lot if you think about the fact that I was in motherfucking fifth grade.

Of course I didn’t watch it to the end. I have no idea what’s going on. They were making chocolate in an episode. They were going to school a lot. There were mountains. First show I’ve ever dropped. And it was as easy as changing the channel. Man, life used to be much simpler back in 2005.

I now find it ironic that my first disliked series was part of what was going to become my favorite genre. But shit happens to everyone.


What kind of drugs are these people on?




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