TL;DR – Binbougami ga!

binbougami ga

  • Comedy
  • Breaking The Fourth Wall
  • Contemporary Fantasy
  • Gods
  • Parody
  • School Life
  • Supernatural


binbougami boobs


binbougami momiji

Me, but with a nicer personality

binbougami bobby

Nigga that’s so fucking kawaii

binbougami keita

I’m only here so that there’s some romantic interest, but I’m useless af

binbougami momou

Weird Japanese porn


17 other anime to make things fun

Plot wise

Oppai-chan is so fucking lucky she scares the gods. Like the bitch got everything going on for her and I hate her so much, just like you will. The gods decide to send Me, but with a nicer personality to drain away her fortune so she would stop being a threat to everyone around her. Everything else is simply irrelevant, but it will make you laugh. Especially breaking the 4th wall and calling on the power of 17 other anime to make things fun.


“I lmao’d so hard my ass is flatter than Momiji’s chest” – Ruki, 2018

“Dude, what the fuck is this series about?” – Individual I recommended this to, 2018

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1 Response to TL;DR – Binbougami ga!

  1. BobbyTheKawaiiNigga says:

    Finally, some trace of good taste.

    Now go read the manga


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