Summer 2018 want to watch – shower me in mediocrity and cliché

It’s that time of the year again. The time where we ask ourselves – what shitty shows are they gonna come up with and is it really worth gambling my time with this? As always, fingers crossed that we manage to avoid sucky high school romances, badly animated fights and boring MMO-inspired series.


Without further ado, Ruki’s list of “god let this be good” for the Summer 2018 season, ranked based on hype level:

No. 1 – Satsuriku no Tenshi

angels of death

Based on Angels of Death, a very positively rated RPG on Steam that…I didn’t get to play yet. : |

Her only wish is to find a good way to die” – ME TOO GURL HIGH FIVE WE’RE LIKE BESTIES I FEEL YOU

This has been on my wishlist for quite a long time now, but I never got around to actually buy and play it. Given the situation at hand, I’m at least 93.7% sure that I will want to play the game before actually watching the anime so I can comment on how it relates to the original material. Damn, I wish they would animate more RPGs. First we got the announcement for To the Moon and now this. I like where this is going.

No. 2 – Hi Score Girl

Hi Score Girl

Honestly, the presentation picture is the main reason I want to watch this – the character design looks appealing af. The other reason is the fact that it’s supposed to have nerd characters and you know I’m a sucker for those. But really, CG animation? Kinda off putting, tbh. Also, there’s this poor guy whose only good thing in life is the fact that he’s good at video games and then there’s this bitch, this supreme bitch who has everyting and she decides to take that away from him as well by beating him in every game. How’s this life fair, I ask you, and how should one not kermit suicide given the circumstances?

No. 3 – Back Street Girls

Back Street Girls

Guys. Come on. Back Street Girls? Back Street Boys? Haha, get it? Three ass-grown yakuza men as girl idols? This…this better be good. I mean, come on. We got fucking Roman statues as idols in the past, I’m pretty sure they will be able to turn this one into something acceptable. I want to see real struggle and the real (???) problems that the situation would imply. High quality content right here. God bless.

No. 4 – Banana Fish

Banana Fish

I’ll be super honest. I highly think this is gonna turn out to be the best series out of everything listed here. Why? Because it’s the most promising. Do I want this to be the best? No, obviously not. I want Angels of Death to deliver and to deliver good. But it definitely sounds like something I would very much enjoy and I’m pretty pumped up. Feed me good stories and tell me I’m a good boy. Ring-ring-ring-ring – Banana Fiiish.

Sheesh, what a shitty title, smh.

No. 5 – Chio-san no Tsuugakuro


I expect this to be a gag series, pretty much like Nichijou or shit. If it turns out not to be it, I guess there’s not much to lose. But I really do miss some random weird humour, maybe I should give Pop Team Epic a second chance. Let me just pray to whatever god there is that it will amuse us.

  • I will also probably end up watching the third season of AoT if I get my shit together and finish the second one.
  • I initially added Island on this list as well because the plot made it sound sorta interesting, but it has an initial score of 2.7 after the first episode came out. Life’s too short to deal with this shit.
  • Castlevania Season 2? Can this be considered anime? This is Netflix, why is it on anime-planet? Why can’t they pronounce Târgovişte correctly? That ain’t even Romania, bitch. Also, no matter what you’re trying to do, Netflix, you’ll never manage to make something better than Neo Yokio. Word.

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1 Response to Summer 2018 want to watch – shower me in mediocrity and cliché

  1. Setsuna says:

    > “I expect … a gag series”

    Well, there’s your problem, you don’t have Asobi Asobase in there.

    And in case you still refuse to watch it :

    PS : Island is shit


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