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TL;DR Thursday – Your Lie in April

DRAMA ROMANCE SHOUNEN MUSIC PSYCHOLOGICAL SCHOOL LIFE Featuring: Kaori Weird Bitch Miyazono Kousei Mommy Issues Arima Tsubaki Cockblock Sawabe Ryouta Who the fuck are you Watari TL;DR plot: Mommy Issues can no longer play his music because he has some issues with his mommy, but Weird Bitch puts … Continue reading

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Engaged to the Unidentified – TL;DR version

COMEDY FANTASY ROMANCE SEINEN ARRANGED MARRIAGE ✔ BASED ON A MANGA ✔ SCHOOL LIFE ✔ Featuring: Kobeni The Death of Feminism Yonomori Benio The Bitch Worse Than Kirino Yonomori Hakuya Emo Keanu Reeves Mitsumine Mashiro Fuck you, Spawn of Satan Mitsumine TL;DR plot: Dead grandpa wants The Death … Continue reading

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Everything wrong with New Game

Raise you hand if you started watching New Game thinking it would be the gaming version of Shirobako. And don’t even lie, because I know you did. Turns out, either this was never the producers’ intention or they truly screwed up … Continue reading

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Anime time: Boku no Pico aka Probably the Best Romance Yet

I know I told you before that I generally don’t like romance anime. However, this is so good it ruined my life. It made me wonder when, if ever, will I experience so many uplifting emotions and such a great … Continue reading

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Anime time: B gata H Kei | Yamada’s first time

AKA Ruki watched ecchi stuff. It’s 5:35 in the morning, which means I only have about 30 mins to write this before going to pile on that concealer and go to work. So I’m gonna keep this short. I, Rukifer … Continue reading

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Hey, kids, wanna buy some magic? | Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE

Do you know what you need right now? Well let me tell you. You need some magical boys. But before you WTF at me let me tell you. This thing is waaay more ridiculous than I thought it would be. … Continue reading

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Fall season final impressions

Aaah, it feels like only yesterday the summer season was over and I was writing my final impressions. (You suck, Gangsta.). They grow up so fast. But let’s see what happened with the series I picked up this fall. 1. Noragami … Continue reading

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