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TL;DR Thursday – Your Lie in April

DRAMA ROMANCE SHOUNEN MUSIC PSYCHOLOGICAL SCHOOL LIFE Featuring: Kaori Weird Bitch Miyazono Kousei Mommy Issues Arima Tsubaki Cockblock Sawabe Ryouta Who the fuck are you Watari TL;DR plot: Mommy Issues can no longer play his music because he has some issues with his mommy, but Weird Bitch puts … Continue reading

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What anime characters you relate to the most?

Today’s post is written courtesy to sweet Lita, who suggested this topic as I’m literally running out of ideas regarding what to post. So go check out her blog, follow her on twitter and also subscribe on youtube and you’re gonna have … Continue reading

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My top 3 series from 2016 and plans for 2017

Ok, 2016 was a shit year for me in terms of anime watching. I don’t think I’ve completed 10 series, but spent my year rather (re)watching older anime. Nonetheless, out of the few new titles watched, there were some pretty … Continue reading

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I’m not one to celebrate Halloween, mostly because I have enough ‘murica in my life without it already, but also because I don’t have the time, energy and interest to put into costumes. However, I like the half cheery half spooky … Continue reading

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Summer 2016 [late] final thoughts

It’s basically Halloween and I’m talking summer series. Way to go. 91 Days – Probably the series I liked the most this season, but it doesn’t say much given the fact that summer 2016 was not actually that impressive. Story was … Continue reading

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Top 5 best fathers in the anime industry

Was it Father’s Day or something? I saw all these posts about the best dads of anime popping up, so I’m assuming it was. I wouldn’t know. Father’s Day is celebrated in Romania on the second Sunday of May. Aaand … Continue reading

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Anime time: Boku Dake ga Inai Machi | ERASED

Well, fuck me sideways. Disclaimer There might be some spoilers ahead, idk. I loved the show and I’m trying to be as positive as possible about it. What I mean is, I’m biased. No really, I’m still hyped. Definitely spoilers. … Continue reading

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