The Salty Anime Challenge day 1 – Least favourite anime

You know, at first I went to anime-planet and sorted my watched list from lowest rated to best rated. And I was surprised to see I don’t really hate anything there. I mean, I rated Mars of Destruction a horrible 0.5/5 because I couldn’t go lower, but that’s so bad it’s actually funny.

And then I figured. Why am I so dumb? You gotta go to the dropped section, you fucktard. See what you weren’t able to stand through.

And there I found it. The one fuckery I was hoping I would forget about. The one massive shit I chose to erase from my memory so that the cancer leaves my eyes and soul.



I have no idea how I managed to watch 5 episodes out of this abomination.

I always think diomedea shows are great. They always look good, are well animated and have a nice artwork. And then I remember. They’re shit. They fucking released Mayoiga and Yumekuri, for goodness’ sake, what am I expecting here?

So Fuuka. Where do I even begin? Everything’s horrible. The main character, this little blue haired bitch is obnoxious, annoying and an absolute attention whore. AND SHE DOESN’T HAVE A CELL PHONE OMG HOW HORRIBLE LET’S PUT THAT IN THE PLOT OMEGALUL

The protagonist has shit instead of brains and acts like the kind of person that shouldn’t be allowed to cross the street on his own.

THE BAND! The most pathetic, overreacted and the worst idea in the history of ideas maybe ever. That was so bad. We have a saying here  – like a nut in the wall – that’s what the band thing was. A fucking nut in the wall. Absolute garbage of a show.

The romance – maybe it’s time WordPress implemented a format for sarcasm. How am I supposed to write about the romance in this show without a format for sarcasm?! tl;dr: it’s shit and they should be ashamed of it.

So there you have it. Instead of least favourite anime, I managed to turn this into most hated anime. Ruki, the topic bender. I’m a god and you can’t prove otherwise.

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The Salty Anime Challenge (the comeback is real)

Okay, alright, so.

Just because I don’t write here anymore, doesn’t mean I don’t stalk the interwebs from the shadows. I sometimes like your stuff, I sometimes comment and I sometimes fucking bookmark that shit. ’cause I see some interesting stuff on your blogs.

And, so you see, I was patiently scrolling my wordpress when I saw something magnificent: Otaku Orbit doing the Salty Anime Challenge!

Yeah, man! That’s gonna be it. It was the 30 Days Anime Challenge that got me writing again last time. And if it worked once, it’s probably gonna work twice. Besides, this is gonna be even more epic because I absolute love bitching about shit.


So here goes! The Salty Anime Challenge, ready to serve!

Day 1: Least favorite anime

Day 2: A popular and/or hyped anime that you didn’t care for

Day 3: Anime with an over ‘8’ rating on MAL that you disliked

Day 4: The first anime that you hated and/or dropped

Day 5: What is something that you would change in your least favorite anime that would make you like it?

Day 6: A show that you wanted to like (due to the synopsis) but couldn’t

Day 7: A character that ruined (or almost ruined) a show for you

Day 8: Least favorite genre(s)

Day 9: Least favorite anime trope(s)

Day 10: What is something that you dislike about a show you love?

Day 11: Least favorite art style or art technique

Day 12: Least favorite male/female/sidekick character

Day 13: A sad anime that made you feel nothing

Day 14: An anime that shouldn’t have been as long as it was

Day 15: In terms of story, characters, animation, voice acting, etc… what is something that you find yourself always avoiding?

Day 16: Least favourite OP or ED

Day 17: An anime that you have no desire to watch, even though it’s popular

Day 18: An unpopular anime that deserves being unpopular

Day 19: Least favorite -dere character

Day 20: What is an anime argument that you absolutely hate hearing?

Day 21: An anime that you thought you’d hate (due to genre/tropes), but actually love

Day 22: An anime that everyone hates and/or has a low score, but you love

Day 23: What is one last thing that you’d like to be salty about?

That being said, let’s get started. My phalanges are ready for typing, even if my brain is not ready for thinking.

PS: I know I linked it above, but do make sure that you’re checking out Otaku Orbit for their awesome content, if you weren’t already. Definitely worth it!

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Ruki is watching Spring 2018. WADU HECK IS THIS?

Why? How? Why did I decide to come back at such a time?

Yes, Ruki. You need more anime in your life. You’ve been slacking off. You crave that mineral.



y u do dis

That’s it. New year, new anime.

  1. Go to animu planet
  2. Sort by rating
  3. ???
  4. Get confoos

12 series over 4/5.

12 (twelve)!!!11111!!11

Out of 75 listed. Next 3 rows over 3. That’s sum other 18 series over 3/5. Rest of it, god have mercy.

Not to mention that, out of the 12 series above 4, about 10 of them are sequels. How am I supposed to do well? What the hell is going on and where is the high quality stuff?

Moving right along. Probably the reason for which I felt the need to come back to watching anime like misery itself is Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory. Aww yiiis, darlings. FMP – one of the first series I truly liked.


It’s back! Childhood feelings!

*pulls out papyrus* We got…uhm…Kagami, Gargamel, Tessa Tortoise and erm…Krillin. Yes! The gang is back and they have robots!

Holy shit, you guys. I can’t remember a thing! I know Gargamel is a soldier. And Kaname was naked at some point. And Fumoffu was kinda funny.

I’m not saying it’s bad. No, please! Come back with new episodes of oldies, pl0x. (Still waiting for some more D.Gray-man and, maybe in this life – some Nana). But, really now. I will have to rewatch the first seasons because I genuinely have no idea what Kaname’s power was and why are the bad guys bad and what is everyone trying to achieve. But, you know, it looks pretty.  I wish my aim in PUBG was as good as Gargamel’s. I rate this series 5/7.

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku


Will this come as a surprise? Say it, Ruki. You can do it.

I actually like this. It has an incredibly silly plot, but I just can’t help myself. Show me something that has otaku characters in it that I didn’t like. I challenge you.

Actually, come to think of it. I’m not sure I like this because it has otaku characters or because THEY’RE NOT IN FUCKING HIGHSCHOOL ANYMORE. Or because it’s, you know, kinda pretty. Whichever reason, I think I’m prolly gonna enjoy this a lot. Tbh, I didn’t expect the first episode to escalate the way it did (again, this is me trying to avoid spoilers), but maybe that’s for the best. I want to see some development and evolution. I want to see adults trying to adult. Is it too much to ask for relatable characters in anime? We shall see. Totally giving this a chance.




Oh, look! Another shit that looks promising. I was honestly expecting something along the lines of Barakamon (because asking for Usagi Drop would just be too much), but, for now, it seems like the main characters’ relationship is not the focal point. Okay, I’m not gonna be mean, there’s not a lot of place for development in 3 episodes, but I’m really curious to see where everything will lead. However, I do find it weird that, so far, there’s no focus. Not their relationship, not Hina, not her friend, not their power. WHAT IS IT GOING TO BE, FEEL.? HOW ARE YOU GOING TO ENTERTAIN ME?

That’s it. That’s everything I could find to actually want to watch. Additionally, I might end up giving a shot to Comic Girls, Real Girl and My Sweet Tyrant? I’ve seen some pretty fucked up screenshots of it and you know I can’t say no to something ridiculously bad.

Guys. Please. If you find any good series this season that is not a sequel, please help a brotha’ out and let me know. I will pay you back in memes.

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Probably one of the best idea I’ve had as of late


lucky star

Alright, so. You know how I’ve said I started streaming on Twitch a while back, rite?

Well, turns out I really enjoy streaming video games. But I also enjoy watching anime. And talking about anime. And making fun of anime. So, I thought, why not just try to combine streaming and anime? The result? Anime Friday on Twitch.

What does this mean?

Every Friday, the participants submit an anime series (or several, should they feel like it). We pick the winner at random and it will be our series for the week. The following Friday, we meet on Twitch to discuss our impressions like true weebs. Because I know how important it is for people on the internet to express themselves. I am people on the internet.


This is extremely simple:

  • The anime shouldn’t be longer than 20 eps. 12 eps series would be perfect. Some of us have to go to work or school and we’d rather keep it a bit lighter.
  • You don’t have to finish watching the series if you don’t like it. However, you’re more than welcome to share with us the reason for which you dropped it.

I will keep a log of the chat and the most interesting/funny/witty comments will be featured on Wanimu when the streaming session is over.


My Twitch channel can be found here:

There is also a discord server with a dedicated anime room:

If you want to join the discord server, feel free to message me so I can add you to the anime group as well. ^^

We’re all nerds in there so, even if you don’t wanna be part of the Anime Friday event, but you want some geek strangers on the internet to talk to about games or anime, feel free to pass by. Also, if you have any question, drop it here or anywhere else on my social media. ^^







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TL;DR – Neo Yokio

big toblerone

big toblerone 2

  • Comedy
  • Sci Fi
  • America
  • Original Work ???
  • Parody
  • Supernatural


  • Kaz Midnight Blue Kaan
  • Charles Common Sense the butler
  • Helena Blair Waldorf on Drugs St. Tessero
  • ???
  • ???

TL;DR plot:

…bla bla wearing Midnight Blue to an all-black party?…bla bla Common Sense gets deleted…bla bla….bla bla bla…Blair Waldorf on Drugs…demons…???…Jaden Smith…Toblerone…???…Archer’s mom…???….??????????

TL;DR opinion:

“???” – Ruki, 2017

“I deserve a big Toblerone” – also Ruki, 2017


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Is Ruki making a comeback?

The answer is…yes. She intends to.

How many times in the past have I said this before?

I am gonna be super active. I’m gonna write a lot. I’m gonna be such a productive blogger.

Never did it happen.


Ruki, as seen by the wonderful Akemi

In case you have been wondering what exactly was I doing, well…I’m on Twitch most of the time. Gaming and fooling around. This is not only the reason for my absolute absence on wordpress, but also the reason for which I didn’t actually watch anime that much lately.

However, I realized I kinda missed that. I miss a good show that would keep me entertained and I miss a shitty show that would make me cringe myself out of this world. I also miss writing here and reading your articles, guys. That used to be one of my favourite parts of the day, where I would just scroll through wordpress and judge your poor taste in anime.

As such, I’m working on a schedule that will allow me to mix both streaming and blogging. I have a lot of free time right now and I intend to make the most of it.

Expect more gaming posts and TL;DR “reviews”. And expect more of me.

In the meantime, if you want to, you can always find me on Twitch or Discord. Come say hi.

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Gaming challenge day 10 – Best gameplay

Before I start with today’s topic, according to wikipedia, gameplay = “the pattern defined through the game rules, connection between player and the game,bchallenges and overcoming them, plot and player’s connection with it”.

And taking all this into consideration, it’s extremely easy for me to make today’s pick.



I don’t think this will come as a surprise for anyone who has played it – Undertale does indeed have a terrific gameplay.

What makes it so good aside from the plot? Exactly the way you interact with the game. You can play it anyway you wish and you get different endings depending on that. Yes, it is a bit of choices matter, but also more of a fighting matters.

And, because different endings are no longer a wow factor when it come to video games, you get a bonus. The second time you play the game, you play it based on the ending you have previously reached. It means that, in case you wanted that particular achievement, you can kiss it goodbye if you were naughty during your first session.

I’m afraid I can’t actually talk about this game without massive spoilers and that’s because I enjoyed every little part of it and I don’t want to ruin somebody else’s  experience.

This game is pretty hyped, yeah? Well, imagine the hype is not without reason and it didn’t get so many awards for nothing. Go ahead and play it if you didn’t already. You’ll know what I’m talking about and I’ll be here to hear your thanks afterwards.

Ruki out.


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