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Probably one of the best idea I’ve had as of late

  Alright, so. You know how I’ve said I started streaming on Twitch a while back, rite? Well, turns out I really enjoy streaming video games. But I also enjoy watching anime. And talking about anime. And making fun of … Continue reading

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TL;DR – Neo Yokio

Comedy Sci Fi America Original Work ??? Parody Supernatural Featuring: Kaz Midnight Blue Kaan Charles Common Sense the butler Helena Blair Waldorf on Drugs St. Tessero ??? ??? TL;DR plot: …bla bla wearing Midnight Blue to an all-black party?…bla bla Common Sense gets deleted…bla bla….bla bla bla…Blair Waldorf on … Continue reading

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Is Ruki making a comeback?

The answer is…yes. She intends to. How many times in the past have I said this before? I am gonna be super active. I’m gonna write a lot. I’m gonna be such a productive blogger. Never did it happen. In … Continue reading

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TL;DR – Diabolik Lovers

REVERSE HAREM SHOUJO EMOTIONAL ABUSE PHYSICAL ABUSE SUPERNATURAL VAMPIRES Featuring: Yui Oxygen Waster Komori Ayato Cancer Sakamaki Kanato AIDS Sakamaki Laito Hepatitis Sakamaki Reiji Gonorrhea Sakamaki Shu Peptic Ulcer Sakamaki Subaru Syphilis Sakamaki Slurping Noises TL;DR plot: Daddy sends Oxygen Waster in the middle of buttfuck land so she learns the … Continue reading

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Another top 5 of anime’s sexiest men

I made another list like this back in 2016 when I talked about 5 anime guys I wouldn’t say no to but, you know, there are so many of them you can’t stop at only 5 (although those 5 are up … Continue reading

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Short rant on The King’s Avatar

If you know me, you know how much I like my anime to be close to reality. No, no, I’m okay with fantasy shit as well, but still…keep some things real. This might be the main reason for which I’m … Continue reading

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Summer 2017 want to watch

So what if I’m not done with Spring 2016? So what if I mostly never actually watch what I initially said I would watch for the season? So what if I’m just a piece of garbage? THIS WILL NOT STOP … Continue reading

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