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Gaming challenge day 6 – Most annoying character

Almost every game has an annoying character, that’s for sure. And some are purposefully put there to be annoying. But, instead of going for an endless hunt for secondary characters (yet again), I have managed to find the most annoying main … Continue reading

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MURDER THEM ALL – the most annoying characters in anime

It’s extremely rare for me to like all the characters in an anime. There has to be at least one that gets on my nerves every fucking time. However, most of them have their own charm and add to the story. … Continue reading

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Anime Challenge Day 20 – Anime character that gets on your nerves

10 days to go, yayus. While there is at least one annoying character in every series, there are some that are particularly outstanding. To name some there’s the big boobs bitch from Myself;Yourself and her extremely high pitched voice. I … Continue reading

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Brothers Conflict

The story revolves around Ema Hinata, a single child, who finds out that her daddy is going to marry a woman that has no less that 13 children. All boys. Her new brothers. They fall in love with her. The … Continue reading

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