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Is Ruki making a comeback?

The answer is…yes. She intends to. How many times in the past have I said this before? I am gonna be super active. I’m gonna write a lot. I’m gonna be such a productive blogger. Never did it happen. In … Continue reading

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My Winter 2017 stats AKA I’m just garbage

Hey, guys. Remember my Winter 2017 want to watch list? Yeah, lol, me neither. I just came to the sudden realization that it’s fucking summer and I did not manage to do abso-fucking-loutely nothing out of all the things I … Continue reading

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My top 3 series from 2016 and plans for 2017

Ok, 2016 was a shit year for me in terms of anime watching. I don’t think I’ve completed 10 series, but spent my year rather (re)watching older anime. Nonetheless, out of the few new titles watched, there were some pretty … Continue reading

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Cultural Exchange Part I

Hey, guys. I’m Bushu. I’ll be a guest writer on this … erm… amazing blog? As Ruki very vaguely explained, we’re kind of doing a “challenge”, more like a project that’s supposed to motivate her to write more, or a … Continue reading

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New project announcement

Not sure if you noticed, but my blogging activity, which was never too constant to begin with, has dropped considerably over the last months. That’s simply because I don’t feel like watching anime anymore in my little free time that … Continue reading

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Fall 2016 want to watch + random updates

I always liked to pretend that I’m popular/interesting enough so I can write update posts. Even if I’m not, this will not stop me because…boy, this was not my month. If you’re a subscriber here or you follow me on … Continue reading

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I’m on UnimeTV

Yaay! If you follow me on twitter (wink wink), you might know that I have joined the awesome team of UnimeTV. If you don’t follow me on twitter, well…you know now. So , yes. That’s my big announcement. Go subscribe to … Continue reading

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I am not dead. Just wanted to clarify that. I will be back pretty soon, at least I hope so. I have been sucked in by the evil world of corporations and needed a shitload of gaming time to regain … Continue reading

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Happy Ruki is happy

Hey, guys. I wanted to thank you. Wanimu got 100 followers a few days ago. And I know this is not much, but it is a big deal for me to know that 100 people were interested at some point … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

  Happy New Year, my fellow blogger friends. May the light of your computer screens never go dim.

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