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Anime time: Boku no Pico aka Probably the Best Romance Yet

I know I told you before that I generally don’t like romance anime. However, this is so good it ruined my life. It made me wonder when, if ever, will I experience so many uplifting emotions and such a great … Continue reading

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Anime time: B gata H Kei | Yamada’s first time

AKA Ruki watched ecchi stuff. It’s 5:35 in the morning, which means I only have about 30 mins to write this before going to pile on that concealer and go to work. So I’m gonna keep this short. I, Rukifer … Continue reading

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Why I generally dislike romance anime

All right, guys. IT’S RANT TIME. I just finished watching Denki-Gai no Honya-san, which is a hit and miss comedy and I don’t feel like it’s worth reviewing. Long story short – if you’re into slice of life/comedy/otaku culture, it’s worth … Continue reading

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Anime Challenge Day 8 – Favourite anime couple

Oh, love. Something the anime industry does not lack. And while there are tons of couples, almost couples and OTPs, most of them are thrash and just annoy the hell out of me by portraying that pure and innocent love … Continue reading

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