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Top 5 best fathers in the anime industry

Was it Father’s Day or something? I saw all these posts about the best dads of anime popping up, so I’m assuming it was. I wouldn’t know. Father’s Day is celebrated in Romania on the second Sunday of May. Aaand … Continue reading

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Anime Challenge Day 10 – Favourite fighter anime

Psch. This one’s quite simple I may say. Who in the world did not watch Dragon Ball? I know I’ve ranted about the new season here the other day, but Dragon Ball is a classic and it’s one of the best shounen / … Continue reading

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Go home, Toei, you’re drunk

Remember the awful job Toei did with Sailor Moon Crystal? Well, prepare yourselves, because they strike once again with Dragon Ball Super. I am Sun Guko, the supa sayin who has gathered the dragun bollos This shit right here is … Continue reading

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