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Anime time: Colorful review (the movie, not the crappy series)

Colorful is a full length movie (130 minutes) focused around a soul that is sent to purgatory and is given a second chance to reincarnate if it accepts to return as Makoto, a boy who (miraculously, of course) survived suicide AND it … Continue reading

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Family time: anime movies to watch with your parents

I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but it’s a full autumn in Romania. Which means it’s cold, rainy and all I want to do is stay inside and not go to work. As I was chatting with … Continue reading

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Danna ga Nani o Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken – I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying

I am baaack to talking about anime and I’m determined to actually keep doing it this time. I’ve started finding my fun into manga & anime again as of late and watched all kind of dumb shit stuff that I … Continue reading

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Brothers Conflict

The story revolves around Ema Hinata, a single child, who finds out that her daddy is going to marry a woman that has no less that 13 children. All boys. Her new brothers. They fall in love with her. The … Continue reading

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