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The Salty Anime Challenge day 2 – A popular and/or hyped anime that you didn’t care for

Aaah, the always right taste of the masses. I think I sometimes actively avoid certain series just because they’re way too hyped. I’m a small hipster, what can I say? There’s Naruto that I’ve never cared for. There’s Bleach. But, most … Continue reading

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Sort of review: Things nobody told me about Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Please insert a star in my title. Also, MAJOR SPOILER ALERT. Really, if you didn’t watch it, skip this list, read the final paragraph and go watch the shit out of it because it’s way more awesome that I thought. And this … Continue reading

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Anime Challenge Day 29 – An anime you wish was real

There is only one appropriate answer to this question and that is Pokemon. I mean, why wouldn’t anyone like Pokemon to be real? There is no downside to it. This clearly the most peaceful series that actually brings something new to the … Continue reading

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Blood (what’s wrong with you) Lad

  Staz is a quite a powerful vampire, obsessed with the Japanese culture, that lives in the demon world. One day, he finds a stupid human girl wandering around. As both of them are fucktards, the girl gets eaten by a demon … Continue reading

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