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TL;DR – Binbougami ga!

Comedy Breaking The Fourth Wall Contemporary Fantasy Gods Parody School Life Supernatural Featuring: Plot wise Oppai-chan is so fucking lucky she scares the gods. Like the bitch got everything going on for her and I hate her so much, just … Continue reading

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The Salty Anime Challenge day 1 – Least favourite anime

You know, at first I went to anime-planet and sorted my watched list from lowest rated to best rated. And I was surprised to see I don’t really hate anything there. I mean, I rated Mars of Destruction a horrible 0.5/5 because I couldn’t … Continue reading

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The Salty Anime Challenge (the comeback is real)

Okay, alright, so. Just because I don’t write here anymore, doesn’t mean I don’t stalk the interwebs from the shadows. I sometimes like your stuff, I sometimes comment and I sometimes fucking bookmark that shit. ’cause I see some interesting … Continue reading

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TL;DR – Neo Yokio

Comedy Sci Fi America Original Work ??? Parody Supernatural Featuring: Kaz Midnight Blue Kaan Charles Common Sense the butler Helena Blair Waldorf on Drugs St. Tessero ??? ??? TL;DR plot: …bla bla wearing Midnight Blue to an all-black party?…bla bla Common Sense gets deleted…bla bla….bla bla bla…Blair Waldorf on … Continue reading

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Gaming Challenge Day 2 – Your favourite character

Ahahah, I already hate this so much. I’ve been literally sitting here staring at the screen, making mental lists of games I’ve played and trying to pick the character I’ve loved the most. But this ain’t no easy task. Especially … Continue reading

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Cultural Exchange Part I

Hey, guys. I’m Bushu. I’ll be a guest writer on this … erm… amazing blog? As Ruki very vaguely explained, we’re kind of doing a “challenge”, more like a project that’s supposed to motivate her to write more, or a … Continue reading

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Gaming time: Oh…sir! The Insult Simulator

Following the truck simulator, the surgeon simulator and the goat simulator, the insult simulator does exactly what you think it does: allows you to insult people. Now, you can do this very well by playing something free such as DoTA … Continue reading

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