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Probably one of the best idea I’ve had as of late

  Alright, so. You know how I’ve said I started streaming on Twitch a while back, rite? Well, turns out I really enjoy streaming video games. But I also enjoy watching anime. And talking about anime. And making fun of … Continue reading

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MURDER THEM ALL – the most annoying characters in anime

It’s extremely rare for me to like all the characters in an anime. There has to be at least one that gets on my nerves every fucking time. However, most of them have their own charm and add to the story. … Continue reading

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TL;DR – Engaged to the Unidentified

COMEDY FANTASY ROMANCE SEINEN ARRANGED MARRIAGE ✔ BASED ON A MANGA ✔ SCHOOL LIFE ✔ Featuring: Kobeni The Death of Feminism Yonomori Benio The Bitch Worse Than Kirino Yonomori Hakuya Emo Keanu Reeves Mitsumine Mashiro Fuck you, Spawn of Satan Mitsumine TL;DR plot: Dead grandpa wants The Death … Continue reading

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What anime characters you relate to the most?

Today’s post is written courtesy to sweet Lita, who suggested this topic as I’m literally running out of ideas regarding what to post. So go check out her blog, follow her on twitter and also subscribe on youtube and you’re gonna have … Continue reading

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I’m not one to celebrate Halloween, mostly because I have enough ‘murica in my life without it already, but also because I don’t have the time, energy and interest to put into costumes. However, I like the half cheery half spooky … Continue reading

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Summer 2016 [late] final thoughts

It’s basically Halloween and I’m talking summer series. Way to go. 91 Days – Probably the series I liked the most this season, but it doesn’t say much given the fact that summer 2016 was not actually that impressive. Story was … Continue reading

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Most annoying anime clichés

Everything has its typical something. But anime is one of those industries that likes to abuse a certain concept or scene just because it seemed to do the trick a few times. Needless to say, after you watch the same … Continue reading

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