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Summer 2018 want to watch – shower me in mediocrity and cliché

It’s that time of the year again. The time where we ask ourselves – what shitty shows are they gonna come up with and is it really worth gambling my time with this? As always, fingers crossed that we manage to avoid … Continue reading

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TL;DR – Binbougami ga!

Comedy Breaking The Fourth Wall Contemporary Fantasy Gods Parody School Life Supernatural Featuring: Plot wise Oppai-chan is so fucking lucky she scares the gods. Like the bitch got everything going on for her and I hate her so much, just … Continue reading

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The Salty Anime Challenge day 3 – Anime with an over 8 rating on MAL that you disliked

Alright, alright. First of all, this is pure discrimination. How many times do I have to tell you people that I don’t use MAL? I’ve been an anime-planet fan since 2013, as it appears, and I will probably not switch … Continue reading

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Night in the Woods – Should you play it?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years or so, you probably heard about Night in the Woods. It’s one of those games that everyone hyped around and talked about. One of those games that I add to … Continue reading

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TL;DR – Your Lie in April

DRAMA ROMANCE SHOUNEN MUSIC PSYCHOLOGICAL SCHOOL LIFE Featuring: Kaori Weird Bitch Miyazono Kousei Mommy Issues Arima Tsubaki Cockblock Sawabe Ryouta Who the fuck are you Watari TL;DR plot: Mommy Issues can no longer play his music because he has some issues with his mommy, but Weird Bitch puts … Continue reading

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Winter 2016 final impressions

Lots of people complaining that the winter 2016 seasons was shit. Well, it might have been. However, I’m pleased even with only a couple good shows per season. Dagashi Kashi Status: Dropped at 2/12 It left like too much of a … Continue reading

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Anime time: Boku no Pico aka Probably the Best Romance Yet

I know I told you before that I generally don’t like romance anime. However, this is so good it ruined my life. It made me wonder when, if ever, will I experience so many uplifting emotions and such a great … Continue reading

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Anime time: Boku Dake ga Inai Machi | ERASED

Well, fuck me sideways. Disclaimer There might be some spoilers ahead, idk. I loved the show and I’m trying to be as positive as possible about it. What I mean is, I’m biased. No really, I’m still hyped. Definitely spoilers. … Continue reading

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Anime time: B gata H Kei | Yamada’s first time

AKA Ruki watched ecchi stuff. It’s 5:35 in the morning, which means I only have about 30 mins to write this before going to pile on that concealer and go to work. So I’m gonna keep this short. I, Rukifer … Continue reading

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Anime time: Colorful review (the movie, not the crappy series)

Colorful is a full length movie (130 minutes) focused around a soul that is sent to purgatory and is given a second chance to reincarnate if it accepts to return as Makoto, a boy who (miraculously, of course) survived suicide AND it … Continue reading

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