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TL;DR – Binbougami ga!

Comedy Breaking The Fourth Wall Contemporary Fantasy Gods Parody School Life Supernatural Featuring: Plot wise Oppai-chan is so fucking lucky she scares the gods. Like the bitch got everything going on for her and I hate her so much, just … Continue reading

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TL;DR – Neo Yokio

Comedy Sci Fi America Original Work ??? Parody Supernatural Featuring: Kaz Midnight Blue Kaan Charles Common Sense the butler Helena Blair Waldorf on Drugs St. Tessero ??? ??? TL;DR plot: …bla bla wearing Midnight Blue to an all-black party?…bla bla Common Sense gets deleted…bla bla….bla bla bla…Blair Waldorf on … Continue reading

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TL;DR – Diabolik Lovers

REVERSE HAREM SHOUJO EMOTIONAL ABUSE PHYSICAL ABUSE SUPERNATURAL VAMPIRES Featuring: Yui Oxygen Waster Komori Ayato Cancer Sakamaki Kanato AIDS Sakamaki Laito Hepatitis Sakamaki Reiji Gonorrhea Sakamaki Shu Peptic Ulcer Sakamaki Subaru Syphilis Sakamaki Slurping Noises TL;DR plot: Daddy sends Oxygen Waster in the middle of buttfuck land so she learns the … Continue reading

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TL;DR – Your Lie in April

DRAMA ROMANCE SHOUNEN MUSIC PSYCHOLOGICAL SCHOOL LIFE Featuring: Kaori Weird Bitch Miyazono Kousei Mommy Issues Arima Tsubaki Cockblock Sawabe Ryouta Who the fuck are you Watari TL;DR plot: Mommy Issues can no longer play his music because he has some issues with his mommy, but Weird Bitch puts … Continue reading

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TL;DR First impressions: Fall 2015

As you may already know, I made a list with the series I’m going to watch this fall before they began airing, just like any other anime fan that respects himself. The list is here, btw. You know what time … Continue reading

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