Anime Challenge Day 3 – Favourite male anime character ever

Day 3 is here, I just lost a LoL match where a Gnar completely raped my behind and did I ever tell you how much I hate picking favourites? If not, well, I hate picking favourites.

Favourite male anime character ever


Fucking Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho. Word.

I fell in love with this series when I was about 10 y/o and it’s one of my all time favs ❤

As for the characters, even though I was head over heels for Kurama (fun fact: some of my passwords still have his name in them), to me, Hiei was always the coolest guy in the team.

He’s an arrogant prick, full of himself, overly confident. But no matter how much he is aware of his powers, he’s not above teamwork. He’s a great friend, a great team-mate and the greatest brother. It always made me laugh when he was making fun of Kuwabara and his relationship with Kurama made me know what I want in a friendship. (Roses, a third eye and fighting side by side – that is)

His motives of fighting might be self-centered, but he has a great character development and, in the end, you just can not not love him. AND HE’S SO SHORT HE’S ADORABLE.


Look at him.

Thus being said, aniblogosphere, what’s is YOUR favourite male anime character? Let me know in the comment section below. ^__^


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2 Responses to Anime Challenge Day 3 – Favourite male anime character ever

  1. catalincc says:

    It’s so hard to pick a favourite indeed ! But I’d give this place to Hitsugaya Toshiro from Bleach ! He’s so badass even tho he’s still young !

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