I’m on youtube


So this just happened. ūüėÄ

In case somebody was wondering where did I disappear, I got a youtube channel and I’ve been focusing on recording stuff.

Remember how I was complaining I don’t feel like I can properly write about video games?

Well, it kinda pissed me off because I LOVE GAMING SO MUCH. I spend more time gaming than watching anime and I really wanted to create content focused on video games more. So, I figured, why not just play instead of write?

And here I am.

It’s not much, but I’m actually having fun recording and playing and all that and I’ll do my best to be as active as possible. And I got lucky ’cause Bushu is doing the editing. ūüėĄ

That’s it. That’s what I wanted to say for now.

No big plans for this blog right now. I will probably get back to writing now and then ’cause I still watch anime, but I’m tired of saying I will definitely write and then fuck it up, like I usually do.

So here’s the link:¬†https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjsoDMAWF1VVHwdUGWgklCg

It will definitely start to look better, I promise. But bear with me.

Come say hi, subscribe, share and all that youtuber stuff. You know the drill. ūüėĄ

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MURDER THEM ALL – the most annoying characters in anime

It’s extremely rare for me to like¬†all the characters in an anime. There has to be at least one that gets on my nerves every fucking time. However, most of them have their own charm and add to the story.

But do you ever find yourself literally hating a character so much that you want to punch through the screen and kill them with your own bare hands? Hating every pixel they are made out of? I do.

Ayame Kajou – Shimoneta


Let alone the fact that the entire show seemed to me a bad joke, irritating and not entertaining in the slightest, this bitch right here made everything even worse. How many times can you say obnoxious, stupid and overly annoying? Ayame Kajou has it all. Lame ass jokes, the bad kind of vulgar and an aura of please just let me fucking kill myself. I hated her with my entire being

Tarou Takanashi – Shirobako


I talked about him before here and I don’t even feel bad for doing it again. Tarou Takanashi is that one mate nobody in the office can stand. I puked a bit in my mouth whenever he would appear on screen. He’s that kind of lazy bastard with no motivation whatsoever, full of himself who does NOTHING at work, but expect everyone to praise him for that. I hate people who make your job harder just because of their incompetence and Tarou is that person. Fuck off, dude. You deserve to be unemployed.

Nene Sakura – New Game!


Another show that was meant to be silly and not taken seriously. However, this character managed to step up her game. There is a long list of things I hate, but people out of high school who act like people in middle school are really up there. Not only does she act completely immature with her friends, in their day to day life, but she manages to be a pain in the ass even when she gets a job. Okay, gurl, you’re a game tester, you don’t do much, but get your shit together and start being responsible and less. fucking. annoying. I really think she would pair well with above mentioned Tarou. They deserve each other.

Mari Tsutsui – Nijiiro Days


First of all, that is a stupid name. Second, I really thought her precious friend Anna was annoying, but nothing compares to this abomination of a human. Is she fucking addicted to her plain, not interesting bestie? Everything she does is annoying as fuck. AND HER GOD DAMN VOICE WHY I WANT TO KILL MYSELF. I could spend my life trying to find something positive about this character, but I would die in vain. I hope she gets to that point in life where she wants to have sex, but nobody would agree to that just because she’s so annoying and stupid.

Aoi Oribe – Myself; Yourself


I don’t know what this show is about. I vaguely remembered a couple of scenes when I read the plot. I watched it some many years ago and it wasn’t interesting at all. However. If you wake me up in the middle of night and say “annoying character” I will definitely say her name. I killed myself during the first half of the first episode because of this bitch. Not even kidding. I got back to life driven by the hope that she would suffer a tragic death. I suppose she did not, or I would’ve remembered and be happy. She is as clingy as Mari, as stupid as Nene and her voice comes from fucking hell. I’m at least 87.3% sure that this is what hell sounds like. She could’ve simply been drawn as talking boobs because this is all I could see anyway.

Please. Someone make a spin off where she is murdered by the people from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni.

If you could erase one anime character from existence, who would it be?

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Engaged to the Unidentified – TL;DR version


    • COMEDY
    • SEINEN


  • Kobeni¬†The Death of Feminism¬†Yonomori
  • Benio¬†The Bitch Worse Than Kirino¬†Yonomori
  • Hakuya¬†Emo Keanu Reeves¬†Mitsumine
  • Mashiro¬†Fuck you, Spawn of Satan Mitsumine

TL;DR plot:

Dead grandpa wants The Death of Feminism married to Emo Keanu Reeves. He starts living with The Death of Feminism and The Bitch Worse Than Kirino. His sister, Fuck you, Spawn of Satan, goes along as well. The Bitch Worse Than Kirino sucks ass.

TL;DR opinion:

“It’s shit.” – Ruki, 2017


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What anime characters you relate to the most?


Today’s post is written courtesy to sweet¬†Lita, who suggested this topic as I’m literally running out of ideas regarding what to post.

So go check out her blog, follow her on twitter and also subscribe on youtube¬†and you’re gonna have a great time.

So the big question is up: what anime character can I relate to the most? In case someone’s been wondering how I make my lists, I simply choose a criteria and then scroll through my entire anime list¬†to see what fits where. And so I¬†looked for the most regular, plain and boring characters that I could find because I’m actually a regular, plan and sort of boring person.

I would choose a bit of Tanaka-kun (Tanaka-kun is always listless) because of the laziness¬†tanakawithin. I said a bit. I may be lazy, but I don’t have someone who has to carry me to work simply because I don’t have the will to fucking walk. That doesn’t mean I will do the dishes if it’s not life threatening.

6407-hataraki_manAnd then I would choose a bit of¬†Hiroko Matsukata¬†(Hataraki Man) because I tend to focus a lot on my work at times to the point where there is nothing else I talk about and it gets annoying and it makes people not talk to me anymore which, in turn, takes me even closer to her because she doesn’t have any sort of social life. Welcome to the sad club, you sad woman who’s not getting any.

I wanted to include¬†Konata-chan¬†(Lucky Star) on this list as well because, come on, she’s clayz_izumi_konata03
me. She’s the Ruki-amount of lazy and nerd, but also the Ruki-
amount of a social person. However, I feel that I mention her in here way too often, up to the point where I feel obnoxious and bad. Aaand she was my answer to anime character that you are most similar to. So it would be pretty boring.


Sooo…the character I can relate to the most right now is¬†Makoto Kousaka¬†from¬†Genshiken.


¬†Surprised, aren’t you. Ahahaha, he’s the male version of Konata. Besically, the only differences between them are the hair and the thing in their pantsu.

Actually, you know what? Just show me a character that’s a bit of a nerd, loves video games and anime, has about 3 friends and leans on the lazy side and that would be me. I don’t even feel bad to admit I’m an average human with nerdy hobbies and no friends.

:     >) <РI want to kill myself face


Please make it good. I want to see at least one Saitama from One Punch Man.


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Otaku characters in anime

If you know me, you know my favourite characters in anime are the otaku ones. I’m not sure it’s because I can relate to them or just because I like the idea of watching anime peeps watching anime. Animeception.

Recently, Crispy has written a blogpost about Kirino Kousaka aka That-bitch-from-OreImo. You can go ahead and read the article here.

I got triggered because, unlike Crispy, I don’t see Kirino¬†as a real life otaku. That’s because I never met a straight A student, very much into fashion and all that jizz, very preoccupied about their social image – to actually be an otaku. It takes too much time to do both. The fact that she is spending all her money on really weird anime and eroge games doesn’t help it either. This is not what happens in real life. And, come on, we all know the thing with the brother. (<- this is me trying to avoid spoilers)

Even though we most often get the extremes when it comes to anime,¬†here’s a short example of what I find to be¬†realistic¬†otaku characters.

The best case scenario

Konata from Lucky Star


Say what you may, but I think she is the perfect image of the ordinary otaku. She likes anime, manga and video games, she has her group of friends, she’s partly lazy, doesn’t care about much, but she’s well aware there are some things she needs to do. She’s very into her hobby and everybody knows that. Doesn’t feel the need to hide it just to preserve an image that she clearly doesn’t want to project. Like most otakus, she also invests in her otakuness, but doesn’t hide it in a secret drawer. How can you not relate to her?

The bad case scenario

Madarame from Genshiken


I wouldn’t say that Madarame is more of an otaku than Konata or the opposite. They both are equally as nerdy. What he has and Konata doesn’t, however, is a high dose of social anxiety. It might be because¬†Genshiken takes a more mature approach on the otaku life than¬†Lucky Star¬†does, but Madarame is actually interested in the outside world. While Konata doesn’t give too much of a shit about what’s going on around her, as¬†Genshiken¬†progresses, the characters start having grown up issues: the reality of finding a job, not having enough free time and being as foolish as to fall in love with the wrong girl (<- me trying to avoid spoilers again). The approach is rather natural in Genshiken,¬†however. While some of the characters make it work, I think Madarame has it the worst as being a skinny ass nerd with a weird personality and not the most attractive physique, obsessed with anime and video games. But he plays it cool.¬†

The worst case scenario

Tatsuhiro from Welcome to the NHK!


Let’s just leave the whole plot aside for one minute and focus on what kind of human Tatsuhiro Sato is: the worst. I’m not saying that from a moral perspective specifically, but from a social one. He’s a college dropout. He doesn’t have a job. He’s living off of his parents’ money. Doesn’t have any friends, doesn’t speak to anyone, has no human interaction. The only things he does is play video games and be obsessed with his conspiracy theory.

Tastuhiro is extremely depressed and suffers from a severe form of anxiety. The one that doesn’t allow you to leave the house. Sadly, there are way too many people who end up like this. What society needs to understand is that this issue is not caused by playing too many games or fucking watching anime, but because of a disorder. Is that easy to live with? Doesn’t seem like it.

Some people might pick¬†Tomoko from¬†Watamote¬†as the worst case scenario. After all, Tatsuhiro¬†can speak to other people. I tend to disagree. Tomoko is not that much of a realistic character either. She’s designed so that she’s so cringy it becomes funny.

I know there were several other things I wanted to mention when I started typing this post, but I’m way too tired to remember them and I also want to keep my articles fairly short – I am aware of my attention span and, if there are more people like me, I don’t wanna get you bored. If I remember what I wanted to stay, I’ll make a part 2.

In the meantime, though, I want to know what’s your perspective regarding this issue and who do you think is the best otaku character out there.

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Winter 2017 want to watch

New year, new anime. I hate puns, please kill me.

Compared to the fall of 2016, this season looks waaay better and more promising. Alphabetically, these are the shows that caught my attention:



Had me at murder mystery, lost me at high school and sci-fi.

Action is set in a post-earthquake Shibuya, where a high school boy investigates some serial killings for his high school newspaper.

Honestly, I’m lukewarm about this. Out of all the titles in this list, I’m looking forward to it the least. I like mystery anime, especially if it involves criminals, but I’m really really sick of high school settings and high school characters. Willing to give this one a try hoping that it’s not going to be as childish as it looks and it will take a more mature approach on things. We’ll see how it turns out.



Young guy moves into a new town where he meets a weird girl that doesn’t have a cell phone. Asocial bitch.¬†He will probably fall in love with her. They got ecchi in the tags, so we’re probably get some panty shots.

I imagine Fuuka a lot like Hikari from¬†Amanchu. Sadly, I didn’t like that character so much.

I’m mostly hyped because of the¬†work life tag, so maybe we’re in for a more of a grown up story.

Gabriel Dropout


Did somebody say¬†Umaru-chan? Well, you’re not far from it, both series were produced by the same studio.

Anyhow, Gabriel is a nice smart angel that was sent to Earth to make people happy. Instead, she discovers how amazeballs video games and anime are and she becomes a lazy otaku.

You know what? Colour me fucking interested. I’m going to stop pretending I’m not amused by this kind of shows. I enjoyed Umaru-chan and I’m probably going to like this one too. Clearly one of my most hyped anime this season.

Can’t hear the haters.

Little Witch Academia TV


Some say Harry Potter.I say The Worst Witch. Believe me, it’s The Worst Witch. Akko is the animated version of Mildred. I really hope that the series lives up to the movies so that we’re in for some high quality, fun, magical school life of a clumsy witch and her friends who will end up saving the day through the power of friendship and a weird sparkly ass wand. Yes.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge


This show has barely started and it’s already getting a worrying amount of hate. But that’s not going to stop Ruki from watching it, oh no.

An overweight little boy gets bullied by this very mean, beautiful girl. He loses weight like a true stuck-up bitch and is determined to make her fall in love with him so he can break her heart. Fascinating.

She will prolly fall for him. And then he falls for her. But then there’s the harem. And they will end up together. Where did I see this before? In every teenage movie ever, you say? It’s okay. A little bit of mischievous romance never hurt anyone. I hope she gets pregnant and then decapitates him and goes on a cruise with his severed head. Oh, wait. Wrong series.

Scum’s Wish


Please be good. Please be good.

They say that there’s this perfect couple. And they’re perfectly in love. But they have a perfect secret that must be perfectly kept away from everybody else.


I’m hoping for a deranged, weird romance with a bit of mystery. And I also hope they’re not siblings who murdered their parents. I hope the’re realistic teenagers and not weeabo weirdos. As you can see, I have a lot of hope.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu 2


Second season of this beauty and I can’t wait for it. Please let it be at least as good as the first season or else I’m gonna get depressed and start playing Teemo jungle.

That’s all I’m willing to say about this.

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The ugly face of 2016: a shitty post for shitty shows

Everyone’s posting their 2016 favourites and talking about the good parts. However, I don’t see many bloggers talking about all the shitty crappy ass shows our beloved studios have graced us with over the past year.

They deserve some attention too.

Starting chronologically, winter 2016 receives the I do drugs and anime award and it goes to

Sekkou Boys


From the creators of Arslan Senki, Miss Monochrome and Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches¬†comes this beautiful, well made and…wait.

Guys, we don’t have much of a budget. We can’t afford to animate stuff. Wat do?


This is what would’ve happened if my stoner buddies would have decided to create an anime.¬†Singing statues.¬†What a time to be alive! By far the laziest show on the list, it’s like the creators put zero effort into it. This is the equivalent of the tasks I do for work when I have to meet my target. Just…why did I pick this up in the first place?

Spring 2016 gets the award of¬†Let’s fool them with a nice plot and then shit on their screens, and the award proudly goes to

Mayoiga | The Lost Village

Produced by diomedea, the studio that brought us Ika Musume and countless other series with incredibly long names including but not limited to: Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy o Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru, Mondai-Ji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? and Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

Mayoiga is that nice girl hiding under a pair of huge sunglasses and scarf, only to take those off so that you can see that she’s Michael mayoiga-02-1Cera at the peak of his virginity moustache.

Starting off with a strong premise of some deranged people encountering a secret haunted village and surviving their worst fears, this show ended up with waaaay to many high school characters that are obnoxiously stupid and annoying, making their way into a crappy ass story with crappy ass 3D monsters and leading to a crappy ass ending. I’m trying to remember one time I cringed more, but it looks like I’m failing this challenge.

Congratulations for making me lose approximately 4 hours of my life.

Summer 2016 is staying right on track with the¬†I got soul cancer and I’m crying shame¬†award, which goes to the abomination also known as

Hatsukoi Monster

I don’t even find it weird that the studio which produced¬†Rurouni Kenshin,¬†the¬†Hetalia¬†series and the wonderful¬†Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu¬†has also come up with shit like¬†Meganebu, Hatsukoi Monster¬†and, of course, the wonderful¬†Pupa.


5th graders looking like college students and one of them agrees to go out with a high school girl who is dumber than my dog. And my dog is pretty dumb. Obnoxious, annoying, stupid and any other negative words you can imagine – they all apply to it. I swear to fucking god, the amount of poop jokes is so high that you can start living in a public toilet and not get close to it. This is so bad that I would rather watch Dora the Explorer.

Finally, we’ve reached the fall of 2016. The season that would have not existed if it weren’t for¬†Yuri! on Ice.

And the I wanted to be funny but I never failed harder award goes to

Miss Bernard Said


Creators in Pack studio. Creators in what? Who the fuck are these people? Did you even check the scores on their shows? How are they not bankrupt yet?

One unfateful day, I read the plot of this show and got the impression that it would work. Haha. A stupid girl who pretends she’s smart because she’s reading lots of books, but she is actually not. Haha. What could go wrong?

This is so. not. funny. Not one original joke. I don’t even know why I’m saying that given the fact that the only joke in this fuckery right here is the fact that the annoying main character is pretending to read. I give up on life. Just make an anime about someone who’s not moving at all. Wait, someone made¬†Tanaka-kun is Always Listless¬†and it was not so bad. No, shady studio! You give up!

That being said, what were the worst series for you last year? Just anime-shame them.

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