Gaming challenge day 10 – Best gameplay

Before I start with today’s topic, according to wikipedia, gameplay = “the pattern defined through the game rules, connection between player and the game,bchallenges and overcoming them, plot and player’s connection with it”.

And taking all this into consideration, it’s extremely easy for me to make today’s pick.



I don’t think this will come as a surprise for anyone who has played it – Undertale does indeed have a terrific gameplay.

What makes it so good aside from the plot? Exactly the way you interact with the game. You can play it anyway you wish and you get different endings depending on that. Yes, it is a bit of choices matter, but also more of a fighting matters.

And, because different endings are no longer a wow factor when it come to video games, you get a bonus. The second time you play the game, you play it based on the ending you have previously reached. It means that, in case you wanted that particular achievement, you can kiss it goodbye if you were naughty during your first session.

I’m afraid I can’t actually talk about this game without massive spoilers and that’s because I enjoyed every little part of it and I don’t want to ruin somebody else’s  experience.

This game is pretty hyped, yeah? Well, imagine the hype is not without reason and it didn’t get so many awards for nothing. Go ahead and play it if you didn’t already. You’ll know what I’m talking about and I’ll be here to hear your thanks afterwards.

Ruki out.


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TL;DR Thursday – Diabolik Lovers




  • Yui Oxygen Waster Komori
  • Ayato Cancer Sakamaki
  • Kanato AIDS Sakamaki
  • Laito Hepatitis Sakamaki
  • Reiji Gonorrhea Sakamaki
  • Shu Peptic Ulcer Sakamaki
  • Subaru Syphilis Sakamaki
  • Slurping Noises

TL;DR plot:

Daddy sends Oxygen Waster in the middle of buttfuck land so she learns the true taste of an orgy. Instead, Cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis, Gonorrhea, Peptic Ulcer and Syphilis refuse to fuck her and infest the screen with Slurping Noises and very lame pick-up lines.

TL;DR opinion:

“What the FUCK are you watching?” – My boyfriend, June 28,2017

“We need a new plague” – God, Fall 2013


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Gaming challenge day 9 – Saddest game scene

There’s only one thing that gets me more than a nice happy ending: a well written sad scene. And for today… well, my friends, the choice was simple for today. I’m just going to trigger the spoiler alert right now, even tho’, if you read anything about this game, you already know what I’m talking about.


brothers-a-tale-of-two-sons-download (1)

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – Naia’s death

…and what follows.

What is unique about this game is that it can only be played in co-op. You control two brothers: Naiee, the younger, and Naia, the older one. Thing is, you can’t do much without the other: Naia is stronger and can pull levers and help Naiee reach high spaces, while Naiee is smaller and can fit through bars and such. You can’t carry things without both brothers in control and you have to pass through some puzzles with each brother distracting the monster in turns until you reach the other side. As I have played the games on PC, one brother is controlled with WASD and the other one with the arrow keys.

Basically, you depend on each other for every little task you have and it creates the most powerful bond between characters I have ever witnessed.

As for the story, it starts off when the brothers’ father gets sick and the only cure is some magical water from a magical river in a magical place not very far, but pretty far from home. That’s your journey. Take your brothers and get back with the water.

Now there’s a very important part of the story: their mother is dead. She drowned in an accident and Naiee witnessed the horrific moment, making him extremely afraid of swimming. This is why Naia must carry him whenever they have to swim.

Their entire journey is fantastically whimsical. You help a troll, you reach a giant’s 590def68ae653a373d681294home, you save a woman from being killed by fanatics, you survive an invisible monster, you make friends, you lose friends. But, in the end…Naiee loses his brother right before finding the magical water. Right before their journey ends. And it’s heartbreaking. It shatters your heart to see Naiee trying to save his brothers. It sucks the life out of you to see him crying over his dead body. And it crushes your soul to see him bury Naia right beside the water that could have saved his life if only earlier.

And, if you thought that this is the saddest you can be, you’re in for a surprise. Remember how you got to the water together, how you couldn’t do anything without one another? You have to get back as only Naiee, facing his demons and overcoming his fears. But there’s the catch. Naia did not leave you. Naia is there and you get to end your journey with his controls.

I just cannot put into words how powerful the moment was when, standing as Naiee in knee high water, I was unable to advance until I pressed Naia’s swimming button. And the magic happened.


This is, by far, the saddest game I have played until now and, ever since then, I have been on a constant hunt for a game that could move me as much as this one did.

If you have any suggestions, I would be more than happy to hear them.

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Another top 5 of anime’s sexiest men

I made another list like this back in 2016 when I talked about 5 anime guys I wouldn’t say no to but, you know, there are so many of them you can’t stop at only 5 (although those 5 are up there for me)

So here we go again. Yet another 5 hot anime guys you should keep an eye on. Even if it’s only for the way they look.

Sukeroku Yuurakutei

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu


Of, the tragic life of an artist. Sukeroku won our hearts in the first season of the series and continued to haunt us (haha, see what I did there) over the second season as well. Apart from his looks, his shitload of charisma also played an important part in his overall charm. Maybe he was not the best parent in the world. Maybe he sucked dick when it came to responsibilities. But we’re talking looks here.

Makoto Tachibana



I was not impressed with Free! and I’m not ashamed so admit I watched it only for the fanservice. And the most important part of that was Makoto. Fuck the others. Not literally. Fuck Makoto, literally. Aside from being super duper hot, looks like he was also the most pleasant character in the series, personality-wise.

But hey, girl, look at that body.

Xiu Ye

Quan Zhi Gao Shou | The King’s Avatar


So what if this show was not what I expected it to be? If there’s one thing that they did right is character design. And, yes, the guys all look almost the same apart from their hairstyle. But, given that they’re so pretty, it becomes less of an issue. Xiu Ye, however, is one dreamy guy. Good looks, good at games and with a pretty nice personality too? Take my body, God Ye.

Hiroto Suwa



Shout out to the only nice character in Orange. And also the sexiest motherfucker out of them all. The god of friendzone. I know we’re talking looks here, but his pretty face and well built body wouldn’t probably matter this much without his cool, down to earth personality to match them. But, maaan, look at that smile.

Nero Vanetti

91 Days


Forgive me, father, for I have sinned. Yeah, he’s the bad guy, he’s with the mafia and all that. But, if you think about it, he’s not THAT bad. He just cares about his family enough as to put some dirt on his hands. And he’s pretty damn sexy while doing so. Even while drunk as fuck and trying to kill our protagonist. I guess you just have to forgive some 2D things.




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Gaming challenge day 8 – Best soundtrack


This is the best self-publicity I can get: Hey, guys, don’t you wanna read my blog to see my opinion about this game and that anime? Oh, don’t worry, I totally care about every single detail. Except for, you know, romance, graphics, soundtrack. But trust me, my opinion is very important.

Yes, I know. The music plays an important role in the overall atmosphere of the game. And, yes, while I’m playing something, I sometimes do pay attention to the noise in the background. especially when we’re talking sound effects and especially in horror games.

But I rarely remember these details long after I have finished playing. As such, my pick for today’s challenge is only here by chance,


I’ve played this game a while back. A very while back. It’s a little charming indie game, made by the same guys who made the more popular Samorost. You’re a cute lil robot who has to save his robot girlfriend. You get to click on the map and solve nice, clever puzzles.

Why am I saying I picked it only by chance?

’cause there’s this (no longer) new guy at work and I was talking to him and he was saying that he only played a couple of games, that he’s not really into gaming and such aaand…he mentioned Machinarium. At that point, I almost forgotten I’ve played it. And why does he mention it? For the soundtrack (the dude is into music making and artsy stuff like that).

And I found it kinda intriguing for someone to remember one particular game only for the music in the background so I got home and listened to it and…yeah, I gotta admit – it is, indeed, pretty nice and relaxing.

But, once again, I’m not the one to have a strong opinion about today’s topic.

Which got me thinking, maybe I’m missing out.

If so, please do let me know what do you think it’s the game with the best soundtrack. Help me get cultured. Open my eyes.


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Short rant on The King’s Avatar

Master of Skill _ The King's Avatar _ Quan Zhi Gao Shou

If you know me, you know how much I like my anime to be close to reality. No, no, I’m okay with fantasy shit as well, but still…keep some things real.

This might be the main reason for which I’m not into MMORPG-inspired series. I find them dull and lacking humor, the story is always the same (defeat the big boss) and I’m not really attracted to prolonged fighting scenes (unless they’re super awesome such as, let’s say, Dragon Ball ones)

Anywhore, I think it was January’s Loot Anime crate that came with Log Horizon novel, I gave it a try, it was not horrible and, as such, I decided it was time for me to hop on to this trend as well. With King’s Avatar.

“In the multiplayer online game Glory, Ye Xiu, is well known as the Textbook level expert and a top-tier player. Due to a series of circumstances, he was forcefully expelled out of his professional team. After leaving the pro gaming scene, he resides at an Internet Café employed as one of the managers. When Glory launches the tenth server, he throws himself into the game once more, equipped with ten years of gaming experience, memories of the past and an incomplete self-made weapon. His journey back to the top begins. After plotting and scheming, who took away my glory? Under the influence of the storm, my hopes will never be shattered. In its magnificence, the path will not be lost, for I, will return!”

Source: MU

So what did I expect? A more normal approach to a gamer’s life. A slice of life packed with some action scenes? What did I get? Frustration, mostly.

1 Who the fuck fires their best player?

It looks like Xiu Ye is the best Glory player in the world if 468431 guilds were unable to kill him together. So why would his team fire him? What’s the logic behind this? Oooh, 0006068a_736800it’s because his team did not have enough records. Oh, no shit. So they take him down instead of looking at the big nose guy. That makes sense.

But wait, they say it’s because he’s old. Are you fucking kidding me? Is he a model or something? An athlete? HE’S NOT EVEN 30 FOR FUCK’S SAKE.

But hey, I guess they needed a reason to unfold the story line and that was the best excuse they could think of.

2 What kind of game is Glory?

MMORPG, sure. I’m not so much into that, but I’ve played some WoW in my youth. But how advanced is it really? How many combos can that game support? How does that 21ba6f05a54c2e611840e6004e7cf9e597dca1b7_hqgame allow the players to do WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT with their character?

Ok, I understand that’s possible in Log fucking Horizon where they were inside the game, but really? Is this how they imagine a real game acts like? Just…enter this game and do whatever, my friend. I don’t fucking care that there are no controls for what you want to do and that you can’t possibly program a character in such a way. But you do you. Just spam that fucking caps lock until you get what you want. You deserve it. You are God Ye.

3 Gringy 3D scenes

Why, for fuck’s sake? The animation is great. The battle scenes are so smooth and nicely flowing. Why would you pack your background with disgusting 3D characters that look like absolute shit?

I get very very mad whenever I see bad 3D in anime. I honestly think they are better off with a static, plain background rather than DESTROYING my eyes with that buttfuckery.

4 This system way too unrealistic

Let’s put the game aside for one minute. Are these people aware of how competitive gaming works? Why would they make Ye claim that he has retired instead of saying he was fired? Why did he not receive more media coverage if that was so important and he was so popular? Why did he not receive other offers from teams that were lower than Existential Era or whatever that team was called? I am just so pissed.


I’ve watched 12 episodes of this game. 13, if you count the fact that I had to re-watch the first one to see why the fuck did they fire Ye. I still can’t tell the difference between male characters irl. There’s the dark haired guys (Ye and the rest, fuck knows their name) and the blonde guys AND THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME TO ME.


I know what follows – you’re gonna tell me not to take this so literally, that it’s just an anime, that I did not pay enough attention, that I should just enjoy it as it is.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad series and it’s not worth watching. It is entertaining even tho’ there’s hardly any development (the whole series is made to prove that Xiu Ye is a very good player and he doesn’t accomplish much aside from some event records), it is beautifully animated and, overall, not bad.

But that doesn’t stop me, Ruki, to complain about the fact that this is so unrealistic it makes me not want to watch another MMORPG-inspired series ever again.

And to think I even got past the Chinese thing.

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Gaming challenge day 7 – Favorite game couple

Yo, guys. I think we have an issue.

I…I never paid attention to couples in video games. Unless it plays an extremely important role such as, let’s say, it’s my goal to make that relationship happen, I don’t really care about it.  ._____.


I have never cared about Mario and Princess Peach until now, when I’m melting my brains to try and find an answer to today’s challenge. I was always more concerned with getting Bowser off of that fucking bridge.

Thinking about the couples that crossed my mind at first, ’cause they were the only ones who might’ve caught my attention at some point, they’re really not bright enough as to say they’re OMG OTP.

Ezio and Sofia (Assassin’s Creed) were so unimportant that I don’t even know why I’m thinking about them.

Zoe and Reza (Dreamfall) were an awful couple and I probably remembered them for THAT fight.

Rufus and Goal (Deponia) were less of a couple and more of a joke.

That’s it. That’s my boring answer. I don’t have a favourite game couple. I don’t care about romance if there are more heroic things I have to do.

If this challenge doesn’t want romantic couples, that’s a different story and it might have just gave me an idea for a future blog post.. But let’s focus on this for a moment here: romance in video games can be easily overlooked.

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