Summer 2016 first impressions part II

I might be a little late with this one, given the fact that the second episodes have already aired and all that shit. But who am I to say no to another article on first impressions?

First part here, btw.

91 Days


I really don’t know what was I expecting from this series. Sure, the first episode was nice, really interesting, catchy and all that. I even liked the way they chose to present the story in the past. And I can pretty much get over the fact that I couldn’t memorize all of the characters’ names. Mainly because there was too much action and too many characters. So this one is a yas, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to revolutionize the genre. Most of the series placed in the prohibition era are very much alike: mafia, revenge, crime, weapons and booze. Nonetheless, I hope it’s gonna be a pleasant watch.

Verdict: yas

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE!


I’m pretty sure the second season is going to be the same shit reloaded. And I’m fine with that. If I liked these magical boys the first season, I’m pretty sure I’ll like them now too. The only new thing is that they have new uniforms and new enemies. And twins. We’re getting the twins this season. Nothing much changed in their team, most of the guys (especially that Yumoto fucker) are still annoying and Wombat comes to love the planet again. But hey. Entertainment.

Verdict: yass



I don’t even know. First of all, we got a first episode of Handa-kun with no Handa-kun for at least half of its duration. What is it? I feel betrayed. I was mislead. This is not professional. Second, grown-up Handa is one of my favourite anime men. High school Kanda seems a spoiled douche bag. Despite all this, the thing that makes me believe this series is going to be shit is the fact that I don’t even remembers much from that episode and it wasn’t even an entire week since I’ve watched it. This displeases me. All in all, I just hope this is not going to be some sort of Sakamoto rip-off.

Verdict: mnot really yet

Alright. Now I can rest my mind knowing that I managed to complete my first impressions for this season.

What series impressed you the most and what do you think is the biggest shitfuckery this summer?


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2 Responses to Summer 2016 first impressions part II

  1. This is really good. Can’t wait for more! XD


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