Winter 2017 want to watch

New year, new anime. I hate puns, please kill me.

Compared to the fall of 2016, this season looks waaay better and more promising. Alphabetically, these are the shows that caught my attention:



Had me at murder mystery, lost me at high school and sci-fi.

Action is set in a post-earthquake Shibuya, where a high school boy investigates some serial killings for his high school newspaper.

Honestly, I’m lukewarm about this. Out of all the titles in this list, I’m looking forward to it the least. I like mystery anime, especially if it involves criminals, but I’m really really sick of high school settings and high school characters. Willing to give this one a try hoping that it’s not going to be as childish as it looks and it will take a more mature approach on things. We’ll see how it turns out.



Young guy moves into a new town where he meets a weird girl that doesn’t have a cell phone. Asocial bitch. He will probably fall in love with her. They got ecchi in the tags, so we’re probably get some panty shots.

I imagine Fuuka a lot like Hikari from Amanchu. Sadly, I didn’t like that character so much.

I’m mostly hyped because of the work life tag, so maybe we’re in for a more of a grown up story.

Gabriel Dropout


Did somebody say Umaru-chan? Well, you’re not far from it, both series were produced by the same studio.

Anyhow, Gabriel is a nice smart angel that was sent to Earth to make people happy. Instead, she discovers how amazeballs video games and anime are and she becomes a lazy otaku.

You know what? Colour me fucking interested. I’m going to stop pretending I’m not amused by this kind of shows. I enjoyed Umaru-chan and I’m probably going to like this one too. Clearly one of my most hyped anime this season.

Can’t hear the haters.

Little Witch Academia TV


Some say Harry Potter.I say The Worst Witch. Believe me, it’s The Worst Witch. Akko is the animated version of Mildred. I really hope that the series lives up to the movies so that we’re in for some high quality, fun, magical school life of a clumsy witch and her friends who will end up saving the day through the power of friendship and a weird sparkly ass wand. Yes.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge


This show has barely started and it’s already getting a worrying amount of hate. But that’s not going to stop Ruki from watching it, oh no.

An overweight little boy gets bullied by this very mean, beautiful girl. He loses weight like a true stuck-up bitch and is determined to make her fall in love with him so he can break her heart. Fascinating.

She will prolly fall for him. And then he falls for her. But then there’s the harem. And they will end up together. Where did I see this before? In every teenage movie ever, you say? It’s okay. A little bit of mischievous romance never hurt anyone. I hope she gets pregnant and then decapitates him and goes on a cruise with his severed head. Oh, wait. Wrong series.

Scum’s Wish


Please be good. Please be good.

They say that there’s this perfect couple. And they’re perfectly in love. But they have a perfect secret that must be perfectly kept away from everybody else.


I’m hoping for a deranged, weird romance with a bit of mystery. And I also hope they’re not siblings who murdered their parents. I hope the’re realistic teenagers and not weeabo weirdos. As you can see, I have a lot of hope.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu 2


Second season of this beauty and I can’t wait for it. Please let it be at least as good as the first season or else I’m gonna get depressed and start playing Teemo jungle.

That’s all I’m willing to say about this.

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19 Responses to Winter 2017 want to watch

  1. mirrorpurple says:


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  2. randgarage says:

    The hate yo. The hate is strong in your upper part of the list xD

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  3. I rather enjoy the Science Adventure Series, so I’m very interested in their newest work marked by the semicolon. As for Masamune-kun, I hope there’s a cruel amount of irony and snappy remarks, huehuehue.

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  4. Artemis says:

    Don’t mind me, I’m just here for the snark. (Seriously though, I love it. Please don’t stop.)

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  5. The Otaku Judge says:

    Hopefully Chaos;Child will be better than Chaos;Head.

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