Anime Challenge Day 20 – Anime character that gets on your nerves

10 days to go, yayus.

While there is at least one annoying character in every series, there are some that are particularly outstanding. To name some there’s the big boobs bitch from Myself;Yourself and her extremely high pitched voice. I don’t even remember what the anime was all about, I don’t even remember her name, but her voice and her gianormous useless tits will haunt me forever. There’s also Layla from Nana, another bitch that gets on my nerves.

But this one. Oh, I simply want to cold-bloodly murder this fucker and forget about his existence. Can I talk about an anime character’s existence? Dafuq, Ruki.

Ladies and gentlemen…


fucking Tarou Takanashi

He is kinda new to me. I watched Shirobako only a week ago or smth like that. Maybe this is why this motherfucker is still so annoying to me. But, shit, man.

I understand that some people find him funny, amusing and cutely goofy. But, no. He’s annoying, his ego is bigger than that bitch’s titties from Myself;Yourself and he’s fucking retarded. Seriously. How does he still have a job? He works like an autistic monkey and nobody cares enough as to fire him. So not only is he annoying, but he’s also unproductive and always does a lousy job.

I know that the episode where he accidentally changes Daisuke’s mind about stuff was meant to put him in a better light, but he was still annoying as fuck. And he should get no credit for the change of heart. He did nothing but drink, blabber and brag. Fuck you, Tarou.

But wait. He’s annoying, retarded and egocentric, right? HE’S ALSO UGLY. 

Seriously. I can see no positive traits in this guy.

Totally pisses me off.

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