Spring 2016 first impressions

spring 2016

Obviously, my current watching list

This is getting out of hand. I was actually interested only in a couple of shows this season, but I somehow managed to mess it up and picked whatever looked even sort of good. But hey, who needs time to do anything else other than watch anime? Not me, apparently.

Flying Witch

flying witch

Oh, look. Probably the most interesting thing I’ve seen this episode. No, just kidding. The show looks insanely cute and it has the potential to be a pleasant watch. I’m glad she didn’t turn out to be the cliché clumsy girl, but actually a decent character. Also, the guy living with her is not a freak. Idk, man. Everybody is pretty much normal and that’s so good. One thing I didn’t like, tho’, it’s the voice acting. Kei sounds as if he had lost his soul in a shark attack. But I’ll probably get past that.

Not much to say about the short, chibi, ugly, boring, web version of the series, Flying Witch Petite. It’s cheap and not even funny. No.

Sakamoto desu ga?


I think this was supposed to be the highschool version of One Punch Man. Unfortunately, it’s not that funny. Sakamoto is pretty much obnoxious and he doesn’t even look that good. What’s wrong with society nowadays? The scene where he saved that birb was kinda disturbing too. If the next episodes don’t get more interesting, I’ll probably drop it. Not really my cup of coffee.

Kumamiko: Girl meets Bear


This wasn’t originally on my list, but I’m actually glad I picked it up. Despite its weird zoofilia jokes, it has potential. I especially liked the breaking the 4th wall scenes and I hope they keep up with that. Besides, it’s a talking bear. Who doesn’t love talking bears? I hope Machi doesn’t stay as stupid forever. It’s okay to be oblivious from time to time, but I hate the overly clumsy girl stereotype.

Sansha Sanyou


Not very pleased with this one, I have to admit. I don’t even know what I was expecting as the summary was pretty dull and boring from the beginning. Three random girls doing nothing, but eat. This is clearly not Lucky Star. I’m just waiting to see if it turns out to be at least Non Non Biyori. It’s one of the series that I’m going to drop if I get busy or smth.

Super Lovers

super lovers1

Chances are that this is going to be my first yaoi series ever. I will kindly disregard Gravitation (as I don’t remember much of it) and Boku no Pico (’cause, well…Boku no Pico). I’ve told you before, I was really expecting some family stuff in here. But now I can’t deny it anymore. They are going to be super lovers. Oh, well. The first episode wasn’t really to my liking – things were pretty much rushed, which made it look unnatural. However, the time lapse at the end intrigued me. At least it’s not pedophilia, woo-hoo.

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

tanaka kun

Not much talking in here. I like Tanaka, he’s my spirit animal. However, I fell asleep by the middle of the episode and couldn’t find the time to pick it up again. Will definitely do so, ’cause it looks kinda funny and relatable. I am Tanaka. Tanaka is me. We are sleep. Excitement level over 9000. I didn’t expect it to have full length episodes, tho’. Thought it was going to be a short.

The lost village | Mayoiga


Pretty much the biggest disappointment so far. Probably because it was the only series that I actually had expectations from. First episode was rushed, had too many characters introduced at the same time and had incredibly stupid dialogue. I was also disappointed to find out that most of the characters are kids (and some stupid ones, I might add), instead of adults, as I was expecting. I hope it gets somewhat better after they start dying, but I have little hope for that. We’ll just see how it goes.

I will probably wait for a bit and then pick up that Boku no Hero Academia that everyone is raving about. The curiosity is real.

So what do you think of this season? What are your favourite shows so far and what disappointed you? Let me know in the comment section. ^___^

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16 Responses to Spring 2016 first impressions

  1. mirrorpurple says:

    Flying Witch: That guy VA should get fired. Petit IS CUTE AF OK.
    Sakamoto: Best Badass of 2016, comparable to Deadpool pls.
    Kuma Miko: I like how they animate this, LOOK AT IT, ITS BEAUTIFUL.
    Sansha Sanyou should be watched like as if you are watching GJ-bu all over again.
    Mayoiga needs time, its testing people’s patience while taking the “Take the plotline slow” route…
    Tanaka-kun is erm…*sleep*

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  2. cg1700 says:

    I actually ended up watching most shows that started this season and a lot of them seem really fun.
    -Mayoiga was hilarious with its murder bus full of loonies. I think it’s probably going to turn out to be the comedy of the season.
    -Joker Game is a pretty interesting espionage thriller and you might want to try it because it’s shaping out to be one of the best anime this season.
    -Jojo is pretty cool, but of course Jojo is always cool.
    -Concrete Revolutio’s second season started pretty strong continuing the quality of the first season.
    -Kabaneri was clearly heavily inspired by Attack on Titan but at least it looks pretty.
    -Kiznaiver was ok, but Mari Okada’s bad drama dragged down Trigger’s awesome visuals. Space Patrol Luluco is better.
    -Macross Delta is what you’d expect from a Macross show: idols and transforming robots, although the breakdancing robot was pretty cool.
    -HaiFuri was much more awesome than I originally expected. Instead of cute girls doing cute things on a boat I got awesome naval battles and intrigue (also cute girls doing cute things on a boat)
    -Bakuon was pretty funny as it’s basically Top Gear with cute girls and motorcycles. It even has the Stig.
    -Re:Zero is pretty generic fantasy nonsense, but I like it because I can’t say no to time loop shenanigans.
    -Netoge is pretty heavy pandering but it has some pretty funny moments so it’s passable.
    -Flying Witch, Kuma Miko and Anne Happy were pretty cute and relaxing.
    -Sakamoto was pretty cool although 12 episodes of this might get kind of old.
    -Sansha Sanyou I tought was pretty boring and I couldn’t make it through the first episode of Tanaka-kun.
    -Boku no Hero academy was ok but I already read the manga so I knew what it was about. It’s a pretty generic shonen and there’s really not much to make it stand out.

    I still want to watch Ace Attourney because i’m a huge fan of the games and Big Order because it’s written by the same guy as Mirai Nikki so it’s bound to end up a hilarious trainwreck.

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  3. candy says:

    The only thing I’ve been watching is ace attorney but otherwise I’m not really hooked on the spring season :/

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    • Ruki says:

      The adaptation came as a surprise for me, ’cause I only the new the game series because of the memes. (OBJECTION!) Like…seeing an ancient meme as an anime series felt kinda weird. Don’t think I’m gonna watch it, tho’. Reminds me too much of the my 4chan time. XDD


  4. Artemis says:

    I’m fully accepting of the fact that nobody found it as insanely hilarious as I did, but Tanaka-kun had me in hysterics – and he’s not even my spirit animal (though I kinda wish he was). There’s a scene in the second half that had me literally crying, I was laughing so hard. I can’t even explain why I found the show that funny since on paper the gags are mildly amusing at best, but there you go.

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    • Ruki says:

      Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to see the second half of the episode yet. I clearly have to watch it with a cup of coffee. And not because it’s bad, lol. XDD


  5. You’d be best disregarding Boku no Pico as anime.
    I’m watching Kabaneri, Kiznaiver, Mayoiga, and My Hero Academia this season. Basically, all of the big faces of the season. Cause I’m cheap and not wanting to invest in the unpopular. Tanaka-kun sounds right up my alley, though, so I might check it out. I’ve yet to start Mayoiga, but it sounds quite disappointing based on what you’ve said.

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  6. Not sure how I missed this post. Anyway, I mostly agree with what you said. Tanaka-kun and Kuma Miko are surprisingly funny. Flying Witch seems comfy. I didn’t notice anything in particular about bad voice acting in it. A lot of people seem to like Sakamoto desu ga?, but it doesn’t really do it for me. I much prefer watching cute girls do cute things than a guy doing “cool” things. Not going to drop it yet, though. We’ll see if it gets better. The main difference I have with your list is Sansha Sanyou. I actually enjoyed the first episode, but the second got a bit repetitive and was not as amusing for me. It could go either way moving forward. Aside from those, the only other decent one I’m watching is Haifuri (High School Fleet). I thought it was going to be slice of life, but it turned out to be action. It’s got good tension so far. Hoping it won’t let me down since it’s currently tied with Tanaka-kun for my AOTS.

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    • Ruki says:

      I felt no urge to watch the second episode of Sansha Sanyou yet, but I didn’t have high expectations from the start. Also, am I the only one who thinks of Sansa from GoT whenever Sansha is mentioned? XDD

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  7. trol mctrolface says:

    So basically you picket terrible shows to watch this Season. Well done!

    At least Flying Witch answered the burning question of how witches fly on brooms without being split in two. Or get a terrible rash down there.

    As for Mayoiga, it was so good that I dropped it, and watched it’s non-animu counterpart, “LOST”

    Sakamoto was obviously stupid as fuck, from minute 1.


    • trol mctrolface says:

      Just whem I thought wordpress smartened up and asked me for an account to stop me from using mailinator, then you see it still doesn’t give a fuck about your credentials.



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