MURDER THEM ALL – the most annoying characters in anime

It’s extremely rare for me to like all the characters in an anime. There has to be at least one that gets on my nerves every fucking time. However, most of them have their own charm and add to the story.

But do you ever find yourself literally hating a character so much that you want to punch through the screen and kill them with your own bare hands? Hating every pixel they are made out of? I do.

Ayame Kajou – Shimoneta


Let alone the fact that the entire show seemed to me a bad joke, irritating and not entertaining in the slightest, this bitch right here made everything even worse. How many times can you say obnoxious, stupid and overly annoying? Ayame Kajou has it all. Lame ass jokes, the bad kind of vulgar and an aura of please just let me fucking kill myself. I hated her with my entire being

Tarou Takanashi – Shirobako


I talked about him before here and I don’t even feel bad for doing it again. Tarou Takanashi is that one mate nobody in the office can stand. I puked a bit in my mouth whenever he would appear on screen. He’s that kind of lazy bastard with no motivation whatsoever, full of himself who does NOTHING at work, but expect everyone to praise him for that. I hate people who make your job harder just because of their incompetence and Tarou is that person. Fuck off, dude. You deserve to be unemployed.

Nene Sakura – New Game!


Another show that was meant to be silly and not taken seriously. However, this character managed to step up her game. There is a long list of things I hate, but people out of high school who act like people in middle school are really up there. Not only does she act completely immature with her friends, in their day to day life, but she manages to be a pain in the ass even when she gets a job. Okay, gurl, you’re a game tester, you don’t do much, but get your shit together and start being responsible and less. fucking. annoying. I really think she would pair well with above mentioned Tarou. They deserve each other.

Mari Tsutsui – Nijiiro Days


First of all, that is a stupid name. Second, I really thought her precious friend Anna was annoying, but nothing compares to this abomination of a human. Is she fucking addicted to her plain, not interesting bestie? Everything she does is annoying as fuck. AND HER GOD DAMN VOICE WHY I WANT TO KILL MYSELF. I could spend my life trying to find something positive about this character, but I would die in vain. I hope she gets to that point in life where she wants to have sex, but nobody would agree to that just because she’s so annoying and stupid.

Aoi Oribe – Myself; Yourself


I don’t know what this show is about. I vaguely remembered a couple of scenes when I read the plot. I watched it some many years ago and it wasn’t interesting at all. However. If you wake me up in the middle of night and say “annoying character” I will definitely say her name. I killed myself during the first half of the first episode because of this bitch. Not even kidding. I got back to life driven by the hope that she would suffer a tragic death. I suppose she did not, or I would’ve remembered and be happy. She is as clingy as Mari, as stupid as Nene and her voice comes from fucking hell. I’m at least 87.3% sure that this is what hell sounds like. She could’ve simply been drawn as talking boobs because this is all I could see anyway.

Please. Someone make a spin off where she is murdered by the people from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni.

If you could erase one anime character from existence, who would it be?

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25 Responses to MURDER THEM ALL – the most annoying characters in anime

  1. Enjoyable post and pretty funny too 😛

    Personally, I can’t stand Near from Death Note. His entire character is the very embodiment of everything that was wrong with the second half of the show, and his investigative intelligence was nothing more than plot convenience as opposed to actual intellect.

    I was even more irritated when the smug little brat managed to come out on top in the end. Can’t stand the kid.

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  2. -S says:

    Ichiya from Fairy Tail. SO. MUCH. HATRED.

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  3. Anime_Girls_NYC says:

    Love this post. Mine would be Sakura from Naruto. She is pointless and black star from soul eater.

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  4. Gah, Nene is so cute though! Ok, yes, her voice is incredibly grating but damn did she charm me. I’m probably among the few who take New Game seriously as well. :p

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  5. Artemis says:

    Yuka from Elfen Lied. She basically sums up everything I loathe in someone who’s supposed to be a ‘cute’ or ‘endearing’ anime romantic interest: desperate, needy, possessive, and irrationally jealous. What’s worse is that she actually does end up getting the guy – because what a great and healthy way to start a relationship, amirite?

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  6. DerekL says:

    My wife and I spent the whole run of Shirobako wondering how in the heck Tarou remained employed!

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  7. Scum's_Post says:

    Where’s Haruhi, Kirino (Oreimo), Umaru?

    Even if you didn’t watch the shows, take my word on it, change the list and put them there.

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    • Ruki says:

      Haruhi is almost okay. I didn’t enjoy the show so I don’t have a strong opinion about her. I was mostly meh about her. Umaru wasn’t THAT annoying either. But I would definitely put Kirino in such a top. I have to do a second series of it.


      • Scum's_Post says:

        Haruhi is so not okay that even Kyon was like “fuck this bitch, I’m gonna smack some sense into her” in one episode . God I wish that they didn’t stop him…

        As for Umaru… well… not as bad as the other two, but definitely worse than Kajou. But hey, whatever, your list, hate on Kajou to your heart’s content.


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