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Gaming challenge day 4 – Your guilty pleasure game

Elementary, my dear Watson. It’s fucking League of Legends. And, if you know me, you must have already known that. Yes, this is a pleb answer. But I just can’t help it. I wasted too much of my life playing … Continue reading

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Yo, guys, this is the funniest shit I’ve seen as of late

Do you remember Ghost Stories? It’s like kind of crappy, kind of funny, kind of scary series about kids, ghosts and a haunted journal? Well, legend says it was so bad, the producers sent it to the States saying that they … Continue reading

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League of Legends: I don’t like the Worlds 2015 anthem

That’s it. That’s all that I wanted to blog about. I just don’t like the Worlds 2015 anthem as much as I liked the 2014 one. I mean, here. Compare it to the Imagine Dragons one. This isn’t nearly as … Continue reading

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