What is 4chan doing on this blog, you might wonder


Yes, this. Yes, the 4chan girl. Mhm. Herself.

I present to you Yotsuba-chan. Yotsuba-chan from Yotsuba&!


I’m gonna start with the meme – which is the reason I’ve read the manga in the first place.

Yotsuba aka the 4chan girl aka 404 girl was adopted by 4chan as their official mascot.

Little trivia about that

  • Yotsuba channel is the Japanese name of 4chan
  • Yotsuba means “four leaf clover” – both the symbol of 4chan and the face of Yotsuba with her green hair and 4 ponytails
  • The software that 4chan runs on was named Yotsuba
  • There is no such thing as asking for Rule 34 on Yotsuba. She is 4chan’s little sister and it will protect her at any cost. You are going to take damage if you do that.

As for the manga…

You know there are those things that appear somehow magical to you? You don’t know why, but they can basically touch you in so many ways you forget how to life. That can be music, movies, books. Or manga. Yotsuba&! surely does the trick for me.

It is the story of Yotsuba – a weird little green-haired girl and they ways she discoveres the world around her. That’s it. Seriously. That is the plot.

But how can I explain to you how FUCKING BEAUTIFUL THIS IS? She is special, okay? She is cute and smart and childish and FUNNY. This shit is so funny I actually woke my boyfriend up a few times because I couldn’t help laughing.

She only interacts with a few other characters – her father, her neighbours and some friends.

I fucking adore her relationship with Yanda because it’s so relatable to my childhood. My dad had a friend that I couldn’t stand as a kid. And Jumbo too. I wish there was a Jumbo in my life. And his dad is like DAYUM.

She doesn’t do much. She goes to the farm. She learns how to ride a bike. She walks in the rain. THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND NICE AND CUTE AND INTERESTING IT MAKES ME SO MAD I LOVE IT WITH MY ENTIRE BEING.

Guys, please read this. It’s magnificent. If there is one thing that 4chan did good for me, it was introucing Yotsuba in my life. Yes. Thank you, cancer of the earth.

If you liked Usagi Drop, definitely give it a try. It’s not the same thing, not in terms of genre, but, most probably, it was the dad-daughter relationship that touched you. Well, it has it too. But it’s definitely more cheerful and you will love it.


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3 Responses to What is 4chan doing on this blog, you might wonder

  1. miharusshi says:

    Have you read Usagi Drop in its entirety? I spoiled myself on the ending, and I’m grateful for not picking it up.


    • Ruki says:

      I was lucky to get spoilers too, so I didn’t read it and didn’t take brain damage. But the anime was awesomely good. With a good ending. :))))


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